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roll up sleeves lab coat

Lab Coats With Foldable Sleeves? Look No Further.

Clinicians of all levels and specialties need their tools of the trade to be as highly functional as possible – lab coats and scrubs included. And in those high pressure situations where you must be as streamlined as possible, the ergonomic fit of a lab coat can really make a difference in your level of efficacy while performing a task.

Renowned for their tailored and ergonomically designed lab coats, Medelita has taken the functionality of their high performance lab coats one step further with their two latest styles: the Rosalyn slim fit lab coat for women and the Bernard slim fit lab coat for men.

Bernard lab coat with foldable sleeves

The main feature that these coats share in common is their foldable sleeves and back pleat for full range of movement in your shoulders. The Bernard has elevated this feature even further by adding custom buttons to the foldable slits in the sleeves.

We love this new feature of the lab coats. What functional features would you add if you could design a lab coat of your own?

How To Remove Coffee Stains From Your Lab Coat

One of the most frequent ways to ruin your lab coat is that beverage you’re always drinking: coffee stains. Coffee is unavoidable if you work in medicine, and if you’re human, spills will happen.

If you have a cheap lab coat or one that is made of cotton or other natural fibers, unfortunately you probably can’t do too much except throw that lab coat away. That’s because natural fibers tend to absorb liquids really quickly and cling to the colors that created the stain.

If you’ve made the (smart and practical) decision to get yourself a high-quality lab coat made of performance fabrics, there’s a high probability you will be able to get that stain out! As a matter of fact, if you take a look at the reviews for this brand of white lab coats, you’ll see a lot of people have had no problem rinsing out coffee stains because of the durable, technological fabrics they use.

Here are the steps you should take to save your lab coat from a coffee stain:

  1. Rinse the stain immediately. Literally, as soon as you can get to a faucet, rinse the stain. Don’t bother with trying to spot clean. It’s not going to work.
  2. Apply a stain remover to the brown patch. The designers at Medelita have recommended OxyClean, but the most important thing is to take action as soon as you can. The sooner you apply the stain remover, the better chances you can salvage your coat!
  3. Launder as normal with NO BLEACH. The stain should have been released during the wash, and if you have a lab coat made of performance fabric then the bleach will wear down the fibers.
Male Physician Wardrobe Guide

A Male Physician’s Basic Wardrobe Guide

You made a deliberate choice to go to medical school. You made a deliberate choice when you decided on a specialty. Every day, you make deliberate choices about how to treat and diagnose your patients – both medically, and personally.

Doesn’t the way you visually present yourself at work deserve the same deliberate consideration?

We’ve made it easy for you men who work in medicine and want to look professional, but don’t have time to put together a snappy new outfit every day. A lot of this can be adapted to personal tastes, but in general here are the basics that all male physicians should have in their professional wardrobe:

  • At least five white lab coats. There’s been some debate over whether the white coat is needed in this day and age, but the research is in and it turns out that patients really do prefer when their doctors look professional and wear white lab coats. You’ll want one for every day of the week so that you can wash them easily on the weekends. Check out these styles of men’s designer lab coats.
  • At least five sets (shirt and pants) of nice physician scrubs. If you work in a clinical setting there is a good chance you’ll be wearing them every day, so this is no place to cut corners on your workwear. Opt for scrubs made of high performance fabrics that are comfortable and keep you cool and dry.
  • At least one suit. You probably won’t wear it every day or even every week, but there will definitely be times when you want to look sharp and professional during a business meeting, a presentation, or event.
  • At least one pair of nice leather dress shoes for the same reason as above. Don’t forget dress socks to go with them!
  • At least two pairs of comfortable yet professional shoes. You can either go with an orthopedic dress shoe, or a professional leather physician clog that is specifically made for medical professionals who stand on their feet for many hours a day.
  • At least ten high-quality button down shirts to go with your suit, or just to wear under your white lab coats. You’ll want at least ten nice yet versatile ties to go with them.
  • At least ten absorbent male undershirts. You probably don’t need me to tell you that physicians sweat, a lot. Having an undershirt extends the life of your other shirts and keeps you comfortable throughout the day.
  • At least five dress slacks to wear with your button down shirts for days when you want to look professional yet casual.
Doctor Professional Style

Professional lab coat, dress shirt, and tie.

Lab Coats on Hangers

The Most Versatile Lab Coat In The World

As many physicians can attest, the selection of white coats available has been paltry, at best, until recently. Fashionable, high-quality lab coats are quickly becoming the standard for medical uniforms, as they display the prestige and competence that you spent all those years earning during your medical training.

In this sartorial shift, physicians and clinicians are expected by patients to present a polished and professional appearance. Studies have actually shown that patients have higher levels of trust in their physicians when they dress professionally and in a nice white lab coat.

Medical apparel innovator Medelita has developed their White Coat Collection, a stunning presentation of white coats that come in multiple styles for both men and women. These styles are subtly different and immaculately constructed, making them perfect to display your personal style and flattering for any body type.

Ellody back belt

The Ellody lab coat is perfect for petite women, and it comes in sizes ranging from 00 to 14.

Callia Lab Coat For Women

But the Callia lab coat has delicate feminine accents that are professional and stylish.

Laennec Lab Coat

For men, the Laennec lab coat fits like a well-tailored blazer and has an ergonomic design for you to move freely. 

E. Wilson Lab Coat For Men

But the European fit of the E. Wilson lab coat might appeal more to you if you prefer a slim yet elegant and tasteful fit for the modern physician. 

Professional Doctor White Coat

What Does A Professional Doctor Look Like?

What is the image that comes to mind when you picture a modern professional?

Your answer will of course depend on what kind of occupation the person has, but there are a few things that are crucial for a professional image regardless of the type of work. For example, a professional businessman would probably wear a beautiful designer suit with impeccable details that fits him well. He would probably match it with a tasteful silk tie and high quality collared shirt. If it’s a businesswoman, she would likely wear a pants suit, or a skirt suit, or a modestly elegant dress.

Notice the key factors here: fits well, detailed construction, high quality garments.

This is no different in the medical industry! Like it or not, people judge a book by it’s cover every time they meet someone new. In the patient-physician relationship, your professional appearance can set the entire tone – are you wearing a shabby, ill-fitting lab coat? Your patient will notice, and they will subconsciously form an opinion of you that may not reflect your true level of professionalism.

As a doctor, it’s really important to keep in mind the image you are presenting to the outside world. Having a lab coat that fits like a tailored jacket is important, as is the quality of the fabric and construction. These details make a significant difference in making you look professional. After all, you worked hard for years to get that white coat – why not choose one that reflects your level of skill and sacrifice?

007: Lab Coats For Leading Physicians

It shouldn’t be too far of a stretch to say that many male physicians have thought about how cool it would be to star in the next James Bond film at one point in their life or another – and why shouldn’t they?

James Bond is a peerless spy, a masculine icon and one of the coolest characters ever constructed. While male physicians may not be international spies, they are, in fact, leading men. So why don’t they dress the part, especially when they can?

Many traditional male lab coats are designed not for comfort or style, but strictly for function. While that might be ok for some, there are several practicing physicians who would appreciate a little more than just the basics, and a little more than an average lab coat.

Medelita designs all of their male lab coats with notched lapels that give each of them an advanced and sophisticated aesthetic. For those who are unfamiliar with notched lapels, it is the same type of lapel that James Bond has worn to seven different dinner parties amongst several of his films.

Of course, 007 is a fictional character, but his iconic role has influenced men’s fashion and the idea of how leading men should dress.

Medelita has four male lab coats and each of them, while unique in their own way, resemble aspects of the classic, sophisticated James Bond look:


The M3 LAENNEC CLASSIC FIT LAB COAT is a traditional, yet contemporary coat that most resembles a professional blazer or tailored suit jacket.


The M3 H.W. CUSHING SLIM FIT LAB COAT has a welt pocket construction and its on-trend tailoring complements the masterful craftsmanship.

j hunter smolder

The M3 J. HUNTER KNOT BUTTON LAB COAT has handsome knot buttons and a back waist belt that evokes a men’s trench coat.

M3 E. Wilson Lab Coat

M3 E. Wilson Lab Coat

Finally, the M3 E. WILSON SLIM FIT LAB COAT looks like a tailored suit with double back vents and slim fit silhouette.

Each of these lab coats are carefully constructed to make physicians stand out the way Vesper Lynd advised 007 in Casino Royale when she said:

“There are dinner jackets and dinner jackets; this is the latter. And I need you looking like a man who belongs at that table.”

What’s The Difference Between Classic And Slim Fit?

Medelita lab coats are meticulously handcrafted from conception to completion so as to maximize the customers’ satisfaction. Each lab coat style is unique because of its defining design details and each customer has their own favorite design depending on their own personal style.  

What exactly is the difference between Classic Fit and Slim Fit?

As you can probably guess from their names, the difference lies in the fit of the coat, the way that it drapes upon your body. Just as with ordinary clothing, some people prefer their garments to fit them snugly while others prefer a slightly looser fit. After all, you should have the same options with your medical apparel that you see when shopping for non-work clothes.

Classic Fit

Classic Fit Lab Coats are meant to skim the shape of your body and allow you excellent range of motion with a comfortable, ergonomic fit. The quality of our Classic Fit coats is evident as soon as you put one on – you will instantly notice a boost in your confidence and feel a deep appreciation for the coat’s superb construction. Classic Fit Lab Coats are designed to have a fit comparable to most traditional American styles of clothing, such as a suit jacket: fitted but not clingy.

Men's Laennec Classic Fit Lab Coat & Women's Estie Classic Fit Lab CoatMedelita Men’s Laennec Classic Fit Lab Coat & Medelita Women’s Estie Classic Fit Lab Coat

Slim Fit

Classic Fit Lab Coats have a fit akin to a suit jacket – in contrast, a Slim Fit Lab Coat will fit you more like a tailored blazer. These coats are designed to hug your body to give you the most flattering silhouette, but the immaculate design of these coats prevents the slightly tighter fit from limiting any range of motion. The design of the Slim Fit Lab Coats are reminiscent of European styles of clothing and offer a more svelte, slenderizing effect than do our Classic Fit Coats. Slim Fit designs bring a modern feel to the traditional lab coat and while each Slim Fit style will have their own unique finishing details, a Slim Fit styles will fit you more snugly than the Classic Fit Styles, giving you a streamlined and polished appearance.

Men's Slim Fit E. Wilson Lab Coat & Women's Slim Fit Vera G. Lab CoatMedelita Men’s E. Wilson Slim Fit Lab Coat & Medelita Women’s Vera G. Slim Fit Lab Coat

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When Is A Lab Coat Like A Suit?

When the lab coat in question is the Medelita Classic Fit M3 Laennec coat. With designer details like notched lapels and meticulous seaming, the Laennec is a three-button lab coat (previously a four-button coat) with the distinguished fit of a suit.

laennec square

The Laennec is a classically designed lab coat that is truly reminiscent of a men’s blazer or suit jacket. The ergonomic tailoring through the shoulders allows for your full range of movement, while the moisture wicking M3 performance fabric keeps you cooler and drier than than any other lab coat fabrics. Fluid, stain, and fade-resistance ensures that your coat will stay a bright white color – for the perfect lab coat that blends style, comfort, and durability.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.00.35 PM

Explore the Laennec Lab Coat and other men’s lab coat styles for a look that gives you a professional appearance befitting of your stature.

Tailored Lab Coats

Tailored Lab Coats

The age of unisex lab coats is over. There are companies that specialize in tailored lab coats, with gender specific sizing, styles and designs. One of our favorite companies that produces high quality medical lab coats and scrubs is Medelita. They specialize in the concierge style service and do their best to make every customer happy. If you are not sure about the size or fit, ordering from online retailer could be a big hassle. Medelita addressed this problem by offering free shipping and returns, making it easy to try on several different sizes before deciding which coat you want to embroider. They can also give you really good recommendations and help you choose the best coat based on your specific body type, height, weight and coat wearing preferences. 180 day returns and 1 year warranty on all products!  Does it get any better than this ?

Review of Medelita Lab Coats: 

  • Great lab coat! I’m a retail pharmacist and my coats are supplied by my company. That being said, I gladly pay for my own to have something that fits me properly and isn’t designed for ‘unisex’ wear, as that always means designed for men. I’ve gotten many compliments on it and even had a couple colleagues ask where I ordered it from. Professionally tailored lab coats make huge difference !  – Amy, Pharmacist.
  • I purchased this item with the ink removal accessory. I was called to verify spelling, font and color requested. This ia a great service as my name is uncommon and I’m always a apprehensive when it comes to monograming items. The coat arrived promptly afterwards and I was very pleased. It looks feminine and professional. In comparison to some of the other coats I have had, you can tell this one is a greater quality by far. I’ve received several compliments on it and will be purchasing more once I’ve completed this leg of my education. I used the ink removal a couple of times and it works like a charm. I’ve washed and ironed the coat and it still looks brand new. I’m thankful I found Medelita!  -Andrea, Med.Student

Designer Lab Coats

Designer Lab Coats

It’s hard to find a well designed lab coat with modern cut and style, true to it’s size, that doesn’t shrink after washing, made from quality fabric and has great functionality. We have found a company that makes designer lab coats that fit this description. It’s called Medelita.

They have great selection of highest quality professional lab coats for physicianscliniciansdentists and other medical professionals. Their lab coats look like a million dollars and stay clean and crisp after many washes thanks to special coating from DuPont named Advanced Dual Action Teflon®. It also helps remove ink stains and other non-grease stains when used with Amodex. Sizing is gender specific and ranges from 0-16 for women to 32-52 for men. Click here to learn more.

 Here are some reviews from their customers. 90% of them are 5 stars. 

  • “I received this not really expecting much. When I removed it from the package, I was in shock. The quality of fabric is outstanding. With micro designs show almost a tailored shirt look and feel. Pockets are large and the seems are perfect. I also placed my arm under the faucet for nearly 20 minutes because the water was just beading off and I never felt the water due to the Dupont Teflon Stain Guard. This is perfect for any consultation and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is in the market for one.” Steve, NP.
  • I’m a newly minted petite dentist who has been wondering for a while what to wear to present myself to patients. Being petite and looking younger than my years, it’s at times difficult to convey professionalism and experience when all a person can say is that I look like I’m still in high school. Being able to find a well-fitted, tailored, and non-frumpy looking white coat I believe has helped ease the transition for patients in our small town practice to accept a new, young-looking, and not to mention female dentist. The coat repels fluids easily like described, fits well, and is stylish. The cotton drapes well and is thicker than other fabrics out there which does make me feel a tad warm at times but nothing to worry about. The snap buttons and cuffed sleeves are perfect in the dental field, I’m so thankful for them. I also really appreciate being able to wash them in our own machines vs. dry cleaning. Lastly, I’m 5’2″ and I ordered this coat and the Lucy H.T. coat. I found I prefer this coat better because it’s shorter and fits my petite height best. – Elizabeth.