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Lab Coat Lapels For Female Clinicians

When it comes to choosing a lab coat, you’ll want something that flatters your body type and speaks to your personal style. Medelita lab coats come in a number of styles, each with its own unique design details that individualize each style. Lab coat lapels, for example, say a great deal about the wearer’s fashion choices.

Notched Lapels

Notched lapels, as found on the M3 Estie Lab Coat, are traditional yet contemporary and are often seen on professional blazers and suit jackets. If you’re unsure about what style lapels you prefer, notched lapels are always a safe choice because they are versatile and universally appropriate in just about any setting.

Notched lab coat lapels

Rounded Lapels

You can find an example of rounded lapels on the M3 Callia Lab Coat, which is a more feminine lab coat. Rounded lapels almost appear to resemble the petals on a flower, giving a softer, feminine look that is also sophisticated and elegant.

Rounded lab coat lapels

Shawl Collar

As seen on the Emma W. Lab Coat, shawl collars create a continuous curve of fabric that rounds the neck. This style was originally seen on the Victorian smoking jacket, and it is now a very popular style for dinner jackets. Shawl collars create a very elegant, graceful silhouette.

Lab Coat shawl collar

Envelope Collar

The envelope collar is a popular style that made its debut on the Vera G. Lab Coat. This collar style is graceful and tasteful, and is marked by lapels that are turned down flat at the seam. This low maintenance lapel style is sleek and modern, giving the wearer a streamlined silhouette.

Lab Coat envelope collar

When Is A Lab Coat Like A Suit?

When the lab coat in question is the Medelita Classic Fit M3 Laennec coat. With designer details like notched lapels and meticulous seaming, the Laennec is a three-button lab coat (previously a four-button coat) with the distinguished fit of a suit.

laennec square

The Laennec is a classically designed lab coat that is truly reminiscent of a men’s blazer or suit jacket. The ergonomic tailoring through the shoulders allows for your full range of movement, while the moisture wicking M3 performance fabric keeps you cooler and drier than than any other lab coat fabrics. Fluid, stain, and fade-resistance ensures that your coat will stay a bright white color – for the perfect lab coat that blends style, comfort, and durability.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.00.35 PM

Explore the Laennec Lab Coat and other men’s lab coat styles for a look that gives you a professional appearance befitting of your stature.



Where can you find a high collar lab coat ? That’s what we wanted to know. We searched for dentist high collar coats and dental coats and chinese collar coat but we could not find anything except for cheap poor quality products. And then we came across Turns out Medelita is one of the best lab coat companies on the market, producing designer style tailored lab coats that are above and beyond anything we have seen. Hands down undisputed leader in the lab coat department. Our favorite high collar coat is called Elsie G. It’s designed to meet OSHA requirements and features cuffed sleeves as well as snap closure. It’s made out of 100% cotton fabric and has special coating to repel organic fluids and stains.

Here are just a few reviews for this coat taken from Medelita site:

  • “I’m a newly minted petite dentist who has been wondering for a while what to wear to present myself to patients. Being petite and looking younger than my years, it’s at times difficult to convey professionalism and experience when all a person can say is that I look like I’m still in high school. Being able to find a well-fitted, tailored, and non-frumpy looking white coat I believe has helped ease the transition for patients in our small town practice to accept a new, young-looking, and not to mention female dentist. The coat repels fluids easily like described, fits well, and is stylish. The cotton drapes well and is thicker than other fabrics out there which does make me feel a tad warm at times but nothing to worry about. The snap buttons and cuffed sleeves are perfect in the dental field, I’m so thankful for them. I also really appreciate being able to wash them in our own machines vs. dry cleaning. Lastly, I’m 5’2″ and I ordered this coat and the Lucy H.T. coat. I found I prefer this coat better because it’s shorter and fits my petite height best.” – Elizabeth, Dentist.
  • 1. The knit cuffs wear/pill and stain/soil, unlike the fabric which is very sturdy, wear- and stain-resistant. 2. Terrific styling and beautiful embroidery distinguish doctor from assistants+hygienists.
  • AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Defective snaps were replaced at n/c with shipping paid both ways and within less than 2 weeks – uncommon product support. -Stella, Dental.





Men’s Lab Coats

Men’s Lab Coats

Hand sewn, designer men’s lab coats that fit like a blazer with sizes 32-52, made out of comfortable, soft, breathable, pre-shrunk 100% cotton fabric. The fabric is both wrinkle resistant and fluid resistant – which means it repels all organic fluids including blood without leaving any stains. Medelita lab coats for men are the most professional, highest quality lab coats on the market with great style and functionality. Featuring iPad compatible pockets on select styles and sizes.

Unsolicited review of Medelita Men’s Lab Coats: 

  • “This is my second Medelita coat- it is made from a less soft material but appears to be a bit more stain-resistant and less wrinkle-prone. I have received compliments regarding how nice (and expensive)it looks. However, the material in this new coat is also much less breathable, and during this hot summer, the coat has been sometimes too hot to wear inside except in the coolest areas of the hospital. I do feel that the construction is excellent, with no loose strings or uneven seams, and having nice, big pockets means that I can carry everything I need around with me. I feel like this coat will last me for a while, as well.” – Ron B. P.A.
  • “This coat looked amazing right out of the package. The materials used are of highest quality and it shows well. The length of the coat is perfect, the length of the arms is a bit long but tolerable. The coat is fitted and tailored, thank you very much as i know how hard it is to find a men’s lab coat fit correctly.” -Richard C. M.D


Women’s Lab Coats

Women’s Lab Coats

If you are looking for the best lab coat on the market, compare Medelita lab coats for women with any other product and you won’t find anything close to the quality, style, fit, sizing, design and value that is embedded in the lab coats such as Emma W or Estie.

What makes Medelita lab coats different ? 

  • Special fabric
  1. fluid repellent.
  2. anti wrinkle.
  3. 100% cotton.
  • Great design and special features
  1. quality sewing
  2. iPad Pockets
  3. precision sizing 0-16

If you are tired of unisex, bulky, cheap coats, you will be more then satisfied with Medelita women’s lab coats and service. Excellent warranty and free shipping, thousands of happy customers, hundreds of unsolicited 5 star reviews.

Review of Medelita Lab Coats:

“Although I cannot locate the recommendation now, I believe I saw that the Emma jacket was best suited for a C/D bra cup size. Despite that, since it was such a great looking jacket & had some superb reviews, I ordered it anyways. (I am about an A + 1/2, 36″ bust, 31″ waist, 42″ hip, 5’4”). I ordered a size 6. It is indeed a stunningly well made jacket. I was truly surprised. It is a beautiful jacket and easily the most well-made & sophisticated professional jacket I have seen. I will definitely continue to check the medelita website for additional products in the future. The excellent quality and distinctly fashionable designs will be a pleasure to wear when combined with a fabulous fit.” – Leslie A, M.D