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Men’s Scrubs Pants With A Relaxed Fit

Scrubs are pretty comfortable when you think about it, at least compared to the stiff suits and neckties that professionals must wear in so many other industries. Anything with a drawstring or elastic waistband tends to be pretty comfortable, but these scrubs pants for men have been highly rated by almost every single purchaser.

The Modern Fit Men’s Scrubs Pants have a dual elastic/drawstring waistband, ensuring that they are neither too tight or too loose, but just right. They also come with a built-in fly zipper, an ideal feature for anyone under a time crunch.

The material is much softer than what you’ve probably come to expect from your scrubs. The inside of the material feels about as soft as flannel PJ pants, rather than the scratchy thin fabric that you’ll find in cheaper scrubs.

A lot of men seem to have appreciation for the fit, which is where these scrubs pants truly stand out. With the perfect length and cut, the fit actually resemble a pair of chinos or nice pants more than a pair of slouchy sweats.

Check out these amazing scrubs pants for men here, and don’t take my word for it – check out the reviews at the bottom of the page.

Wrinkle Free Scrubs

Keep Your Scrubs Wrinkle-Free, No Iron Needed

Dirty little secret: I have a really bad laundry habit. Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly lazy, once I take my clothes out of the dryer I will dump them all in a pile on my bed with the intention to fold and put them away later…only to come back to my bedroom ready to go to sleep and find a giant pile of clothes still on my bed, unfolded. And instead of folding my laundry bleary-eyed and tired, I’ll usually just shove them onto the floor to make room for my sleepy self.

I know I can’t be the only one guilty of doing this! But it really is a bad habit, because the clothes that end up on my floor usually end up getting stepped on or mixed in with dirty clothes. Meaning I end up having to rewash the clothes that I already put through the laundry! It’s a waste of time and resources.

What I should be doing – and everyone else who *sometimes* does this – is just take the time to fold my laundry as soon as it’s out of the dryer, while it’s still a little warm.


When your laundry just sits in a heap on the bed, even if just for an hour or two, it’s more than likely that it will get wrinkled. Then comes the ironing, another pain in the butt and a huge time-eater.

For medical professionals who are short on time and high on responsibilities, you may not always have time to fold your laundry right as soon as it’s done. If this is the case for you, your best option is to find a quality pair of low-maintenance scrubs that are made in a wrinkle free fabric, like these ones.

When you are in a rush and your laundry comes out of the dryer, just take a minute to sort out your scrubs from the rest and put them on a hanger or lay them out flat. Voila! you have wrinkle-free scrubs that don’t require any ironing, saving you some valuable time and making your pre-work routine a little easier.

Male Physician Wardrobe Guide

A Male Physician’s Basic Wardrobe Guide

You made a deliberate choice to go to medical school. You made a deliberate choice when you decided on a specialty. Every day, you make deliberate choices about how to treat and diagnose your patients – both medically, and personally.

Doesn’t the way you visually present yourself at work deserve the same deliberate consideration?

We’ve made it easy for you men who work in medicine and want to look professional, but don’t have time to put together a snappy new outfit every day. A lot of this can be adapted to personal tastes, but in general here are the basics that all male physicians should have in their professional wardrobe:

  • At least five white lab coats. There’s been some debate over whether the white coat is needed in this day and age, but the research is in and it turns out that patients really do prefer when their doctors look professional and wear white lab coats. You’ll want one for every day of the week so that you can wash them easily on the weekends. Check out these styles of men’s designer lab coats.
  • At least five sets (shirt and pants) of nice physician scrubs. If you work in a clinical setting there is a good chance you’ll be wearing them every day, so this is no place to cut corners on your workwear. Opt for scrubs made of high performance fabrics that are comfortable and keep you cool and dry.
  • At least one suit. You probably won’t wear it every day or even every week, but there will definitely be times when you want to look sharp and professional during a business meeting, a presentation, or event.
  • At least one pair of nice leather dress shoes for the same reason as above. Don’t forget dress socks to go with them!
  • At least two pairs of comfortable yet professional shoes. You can either go with an orthopedic dress shoe, or a professional leather physician clog that is specifically made for medical professionals who stand on their feet for many hours a day.
  • At least ten high-quality button down shirts to go with your suit, or just to wear under your white lab coats. You’ll want at least ten nice yet versatile ties to go with them.
  • At least ten absorbent male undershirts. You probably don’t need me to tell you that physicians sweat, a lot. Having an undershirt extends the life of your other shirts and keeps you comfortable throughout the day.
  • At least five dress slacks to wear with your button down shirts for days when you want to look professional yet casual.
Doctor Professional Style

Professional lab coat, dress shirt, and tie.

Professional Looking, Stylish Scrubs For Men

The medical apparel market is brimming with cute scrubs options. Today medical professionals can choose from a wide variety of colors, styles, and even patterns – there literally is a scrub for everyone available.

But most of these trendy new scrubs styles are geared for women in medicine – female RNs, PAs, and physicians. The options for men’s scrubs are better than they were a decade ago, but it can still be a challenge as a male medical professional to find a nice set of medical scrubs that don’t resemble a prisoner’s uniform.

Many men will simply accept whatever is cheapest or whatever set of scrubs they are issued by their place of employment, but the fashion-forward male medical professional is willing to spend a little more on a high quality set of comfortable scrubs that actually fits like a pair of chinos or regular pants.

Professional Mens Scrubs Pants

Medelita scrubs fit the bill exactly for professional men’s scrubs. Their designs aren’t overly flashy, but simple and ergonomically tailored for a full range of movement. They are also made with a special brushed cotton fabric that is supremely soft for maximum comfort all day, while wicking away any moisture, such as sweat.

What’s more is that Medelita’s men’s scrubs include a major design feature that all men will appreciate: a zippered fly.

Indeed, for men working in medicine the obvious choice for professional yet comfortable scrubs is the Modern Fit Collection from medical apparel brand Medelita.

Softest Scrubs Ever

Here’s Why Medelita Physician Scrubs Are Softer Than Any Other Brand

If you’ve been following this blog, you know we have a strong preference for Medelita products. What can we say? They really are the best in terms of fit and quality. They last far longer than any other scrubs or lab coats, and they’re easy to take care of because of the wrinkle release and stain release technology thats imbued in the fabric.

One of the many reasons we prefer Medelita scrubs is not about style or fit: it’s because they are quite literally the softest scrubs I have ever had my hands on. They are so comfortable that I have even worn them to bed on occasion, and I would even consider wearing them on a long-distance flight.

I recently asked Medelita’s chief of operations why their scrubs are so soft, and he gave me the inside scoop. Apparently, the finish of the scrub fabric on the inside is slightly different than the outside: this is because the fabric is brushed.

What does brushed fabric mean? According to, brushing is:

A finishing process for woven or knit fabrics in which brushes or other abrading elements are used to raise a nap (a fuzzy or downy surface). Brushed fabrics have a soft, slightly weathered, broken-in feel.

You know that favorite old t-shirt that you have, that has become so soft over years of wear that it’s become the most soft and comfortable thing you own? It’s basically the same thing, but for scrubs.

You can’t wear your favorite old t-shirt to work…but you can wear your Medelita scrubs!

hospital scrubs

Hospital scrubs is a large category that includes OR scrubs, ER scrubs, nursing scrubs, scrubs for doctors, scrubs for hospitalists, physicians, clinicians and the list goes on. The easiest way to find exactly what you are looking for is to start searching for men’s hospital scrubs or women’s hospital scrubs. Determine the top 3 characteristics of the scrubs you are looking for. It could be a specific color, features, design or functionality requirements. If you want to narrow down your search even further, you can select additional performance, durability, anti-wrinkle, stain release and other properties. Of course it helps to know what’s available, and compare different manufacturers of scrubs and medical uniforms, read independent reviews to verify company claims and find that perfect hospital scrub you are looking for.

Here are a few examples of the customer reviews taken from Medelita website:

  • “This is a great product, good build and great material. Not flimsy like the stock hospital scrubs.  The cut is impeccable and quality is amazing! I would highly recommend Medelita products.”  – Scott, hospitalist.
  • I just bought a new set of baltic scrubs, sadly it’s the only color permitted in my hospital from the Medelita selection ( i wish there were more options) but on a positive note I must say that my previous set that I purchased from Medelita almost a year ago is still holding up really well. It didn’t fade like most other scrubs, no pilling either. I still wear it almost every week and often get asked where I got it from! Andrew, Doctor.



Koi Scrubs

When we talk about Koi Scrubs, the first thing that comes to mind is Design. Koi has the largest selection of styles, unique patterns and color combinations. If you want to look different and you want to look good – Koi Scrubs is your best bet. 2013 Koi women’s catalog includes many new styles and great prints that are guaranteed to become best-sellers of the spring collection. Here are some of the products that received 5 star ratings from the customers at one of our favorite places to shop for Koi Scrubs, Medelita Marketplace. Not only there are great hand-picked top sellers but Medelita has great customer service and makes the whole ordering online business very easy and convenient.

Koi Women’s Valerie Lab Coat “What a charming little jacket! It fits well in the shoulders, but is a bit wider through the waist than I expected based on other medium Koi jackets I have purchased. However, it is not so big that it looks sloppy and it is quite comfortable. This jacket has great design details and could easily be worn for everyday use as well as for work.” – Karen, Pharmacist. ” An excellent alternative to plain scrub tops. This Koi top has great unique style details, fits well and looks great.”  – Leila, Nurse.



ICU Scrubs

Icu scrubs by Barco are one of the most popular scrubs on the market due to their affordable price and good quality fabric. Designed for nurses, Icu Scrubs are made with ArcRelease – stain resistant technology, feel super comfortable to the touch, thanks to 55% cotton and 45% polyester soft micro twill. Barco is famous for making product lines with a whole spectrum of color variations and sizing options, ranging from XXS to 5XL and making scrub pants in petite and tall sizes from XXSP to 2XLP.

ICU Scrubs are available in 18 solid color options with new additions like Silver color and Lavender. 2013 catalog also features some great new styles available in prints as well as solid colors. Some of these scrubs are made with 100% cotton, so may not be as durable as polyester fabrics but are certainly better for your body. Shop here for hand picked selection of best selling scrubs.

 Read reviews of ICU scrubs taken from Medelita website:

“I didn’t want to spend a ton of money and liked your 5$ flat rate on shipping. But then i found out that you carry all my favorite ICU tops and I really liked your recommendations on the other brands as well. Great web specials! I ended up ordering more and got free shipping, thanks Medelita !”  – Karen, Nurse.


Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs by Barco. Spring 2013 Barco Uniforms catalog is here, and it looks colorful!  New Solid Red, Pink, Navy and Purple colors, lots of great patterns and prints. Choose from classics or modern, high fashion scrubs and lab coats. Find the best online retailer. Order several products and get free shipping, or if you just need 1 item, you can get 5$ flat shipping rate in continental US If you order from Medelita. You will also get personalized service and lots of other benefits. Free returns, in-house embroidery, helpful customer service. Browse hand-picked Grey’s Anatomy selections at Medelita Marketplace.

Reviews of Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs from Medelita website:



Green Scrubs

Green Scrubs, Light green, Leaf color scrubs, Khaki scrubs – these are all popular choices, in fact many hospitals and medical offices use it as standard uniform color and the demand for quality green scrubs is high. Not every scrub is created equal and general rule “you get what you pay for” applies to most products that we have tested. If you are a medical professional who is tired of throwing away money on cheap scrubs, we recommend Medelita Brand, known for it’s leadership in innovation, design and quality standards. Most online retailers selling 3rd party products only offer 30-60 day returns and limited warranty, requiring customer deal with manufacturer rather than the seller. What makes Medelita different is that not only they offer 180 day returns and 1 year warranty on all their products, they also have the best customer service to back up the policy. You can print your own return label off their website and send a product back for an exchange or a full refund – no questions asked. Free shipping, free returns, great in house embroidery service and much more.

Review of Green Scrubs:

  • “I work in the ER and these are the only scrubs I wear. I am petite and have a hard time finding clothes that fit but these are just perfect. I really like their light green scrubs but i have every color and just rotate daily!” – Jen, MD
  • “Thanks for such great service and products! I constantly receive compliments on my scrubs AND I am comfortable in them. Love the contoured shape of the top unlike regular scrubs which are box-like. Much more flattering”.- Amy PA-C