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Basic Head-To-Toe Wardrobe For Female Doctors And Clinicians

Just because you often have to wear a uniform during work, doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish while also professional. Here is a great standard outfit for women working in healthcare, which you can either use by itself or as an outfit template that you inject more of your own personal style into later on.

Underscrub shirt

This is a little different than your average undershirt because it is designed to fit comfortably under scrubs without restricting movement, all while keeping you cool and dry. The performance fabric ensures you’ll stay warm in frigid hospital hallways, and cool when you step out into the sun.

Women's Underscrub Tee

Women’s Underscrub Tee

Shop underscrub shirts.

Fitted scrubs

Scrubs are, of course, the foundation to most (not all) work wardrobes for those who work in healthcare. If so, it’s probably well past time to throw out your shabby old scrubs and upgrade to a nicer quality set. If you already have invested in a high-quality set of scrubs, good for you!

Shop fitted scrubs.


Whether you’re digital or analog, you can make your outfit your own with touches of personal style such as a functional and fashionable wristwatch. This is the most sensible accessory, since it does serve a purpose in addition to looking cute!


Shop women’s watches.

Walking shoes or clogs

If you’re on your feet all day at work, save yourself from a world of pain and do some research about what kind of shoes you should be wearing to avoid a myriad of foot and back problems. We recommend these clogs from Sanita, which is known for producing super high-quality handmade orthopedic clogs.


Shop Sanita clogs.

Professional lab coat

Finish off your professional outfit with a tailored lab coat. Many brands now offer polished styles designed specifically for a woman’s body, which will ensure that you don’t have a boxy silhouette. Today’s options for women’s lab coats is quite large, with a selection of flattering styles for different body types.

Emma W Lab Coat

Shop professional lab coats.

Five Best Accessories For Doctors

Whether you’re looking for a gift for that doctor in your life, or you’re a doctor yourself who’s looking for a way to infuse your personal style into your professional wardrobe, here are some of the cutest and coolest doctor accessories for someone who loves medicine.

Stethoscope Cufflinks

Doctor Accessories Cufflink

Check them out here. 

Silver-Plated Caduceus Earrings

Caduceus Earrings For Doctors

Check them out here.

Human Heart Retractable ID Badge

ID Badge Accessories For Doctors

Check it out here.

Stainless Steel Lung Keychain

Keychain Accessory For Doctors

Check it out here.

Neuron Necktie

Necktie For Doctors Accessories For Doctors

Check it out here.

Notorious BIG Doctor Lyrics

To All The Doctors In The Place With Style And Grace

I’ve been listening to the old school rap playlist on Spotify lately, and it’s inspired me to come up with some creative rap lyrics to the tune of Notorious BIG’s Big Poppa.

To all the doctors in the place with style and grace
Allow me to pimp your stylish outfits, yes your lab coats
Who rock scrubs and save lives with all the patients
The back of the clinic, checkin’ vitals, is where you’ll find me (what?)
The operating room, or diagnostics, my team’s behind me (huh)
Mad question askin’, knowledge passin’, patients gaspin’
But I just can’t quit
‘Cause I worked my ass off in school now I have debt ta deal with

“I love it when you call me top docta’
Throw your hands up from the EHR, if you’se a true healer
“I love it when you call me top doc-ta
To the doctors gettin’ money treatin’ patients changing health
“I love it when you call me top docta’
If you got a stethoscope up in your waist maybe check my heart rate (why?)
‘Cause I feel some symptoms tonight that are makin’ me crazy, save me

Lab Coat Sizing

Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Slim Fitted Lab Coat

Lab coats that actually exude professional style are all the rage right now in the workplace, as physicians and other medical professionals are catching on to the idea that they don’t need to accept the baggy, poor quality coats of the past as their only option.

Here’s our top reasons why you should take the plunge and ditch your shoddy old lab coat for a high-performance one that actually fits and makes you look like a professional, rather than someone who is dressing up as a doctor for Halloween.

  1. Well, we just said it…a slim fitted lab coat makes you look professional, instead of like a Halloween dressed up costume.
  2. Slim fitted lab coats are tailor made to actually fit like a blazer or nice suit jacket.
  3. In many cases, slim fitted lab coats are actually designed ergonomically – which means that you still have a full range of movement in raising your arms or moving about freely in general.
  4. If a lab coat is slim fitted, it’s probably high quality – meaning it is likely to last longer and have small design details that make all the difference in durability and professional style.
  5. Slim fitted lab coats have sleeves that are easier to fold up your wrist.
  6. Because of the modern, European inspired design, slim fitted lab coats are made to fit and flatter any body type – from curvy or petite, to broad shouldered or narrow build.
  7. Without sacrificing functionality, slim fit lab coats usually still have convenient roomy pockets – they’re just more discreetly designed instead of gaping open.
  8. There are many options of lapels and styles for slim fit lab coats, based on your body type and personal preference or style.
  9. Slim fit lab coats give you a more professional look, which subconsciously conveys a sense of skillfulness and inspires more trust and respect from your patients and peers.
  10. It’s been proven that people perform better in general when they are confident in their appearance and feel more poised – just think back to a time when you had to give a public presentation while you were having a bad hair day, and you’ll know this to be true.


High quality lab coats are distinguished by a professional appearance.

High quality lab coats are distinguished by a professional appearance.

Retractable ID Holders For Nurses and Doctors

Show Off Your Style With A Quirky ID Badge

Medical professionals working in a hospital are likely to have an ID badge that they are required to carry around at all times. Retractable ID badge holders are convenient for this necessity, and you can even find a badge holder that is fun and reflects your personality!

Check out our top choices for retractable ID badge holders for medical professional style.

Personalized name badge with heart stethoscope icon

Retractable ID Badge Personalized Nursing

Glam name badge with personalization

Glam Name Badge

Phlebotomist Retractable Badge Reel

Phlebotomist Retractable Badge Reel

Sassy retractable name badge reel

Sassy Retractable Badge Reel

School spirit retractable badge holder

School spirit retractable badge holder

Professional Doctor White Coat

What Does A Professional Doctor Look Like?

What is the image that comes to mind when you picture a modern professional?

Your answer will of course depend on what kind of occupation the person has, but there are a few things that are crucial for a professional image regardless of the type of work. For example, a professional businessman would probably wear a beautiful designer suit with impeccable details that fits him well. He would probably match it with a tasteful silk tie and high quality collared shirt. If it’s a businesswoman, she would likely wear a pants suit, or a skirt suit, or a modestly elegant dress.

Notice the key factors here: fits well, detailed construction, high quality garments.

This is no different in the medical industry! Like it or not, people judge a book by it’s cover every time they meet someone new. In the patient-physician relationship, your professional appearance can set the entire tone – are you wearing a shabby, ill-fitting lab coat? Your patient will notice, and they will subconsciously form an opinion of you that may not reflect your true level of professionalism.

As a doctor, it’s really important to keep in mind the image you are presenting to the outside world. Having a lab coat that fits like a tailored jacket is important, as is the quality of the fabric and construction. These details make a significant difference in making you look professional. After all, you worked hard for years to get that white coat – why not choose one that reflects your level of skill and sacrifice?

Lab Coats Designed By Healthcare Professionals for Healthcare Professionals

Individuals who pursue careers in the healthcare industry pay top dollar for the most advanced degrees and education, so why do most healthcare professionals settle for below average lab coats?  

Medelita produces the highest quality products for healthcare professionals who take their careers seriously. Each product the company creates is technically designed down to the very last thread.

For example, the M3 E. Wilson Slim Fit Lab Coat is just one of the many products designed with the company’s state-of-the-art M3 fabric — a wrinkle resistant fabric built with proprietary technology that prevents bacteria from getting trapped in the garment. It repels fluid, soil, and stains, fits like blazer and while it is light and breathable, garments made from this fabric are the most durable the most durable lab coats on the market.

M3 E. Wilson Lab Coat

M3 E. Wilson Lab Coat

The M3 Callia Lab Coat is a recently refined signature women’s coat designed for healthcare professionals who want portray an air of subtle femininity while maintaining a confident look in the workplace.

M3 Callia Lab Coat

M3 Callia Lab Coat

All of Medelita’s products dry 4 times faster than cotton and offer the necessary ergonomics for comfort and ideal range of motion. The creators of Medelita lab coats and scrubs are healthcare professionals who create products for healthcare professionals.

Lab Coats on Hangers

The Evolution And Trends Of Medical Apparel

Medical uniforms play a key role in healthcare, as they allow patients and workers to distinguish between different fields or roles within a hospital or private practice. In the past, medical apparel was designed with extreme comfort as the top priority. Unfortunately, this usually results in drab, shapeless medical uniforms that don’t give the wearer a feeling of pride.

Let us examine the evolution of nursing scrubs. In the early 1900’s the standard uniform for nurses was a starched white pinafore. While not very functional, these uniforms did reflect a level of professionalism as nursing started to become a more respected field. WWI marked a shift to drab, gray, cotton crepe uniforms because they were easy to wash and easy to mass-produce. WWI also brought about the emergence of white medical aprons, which were practical in that they allowed medical professionals the ability to treat more patients while staying (more or less) sanitary.

Florence Nightingale, the first modern nurse

Florence Nightingale, the first modern nurse

As time passed, nursing uniforms evolved to become simple white dresses with either long or short sleeves. Originally, scrubs were all white—to emphasize cleanliness. By the 1960’s many hospitals had abandoned white scrubs and replaced them with scrubs in shades of green and blue. These colors were more practical in that they reduced eye fatigue and were better at hiding stains. By this time, fashion was starting to become more relevant to medical uniforms. Medical professionals wanted uniforms that were both functional and flattering.

Styling and details in medical wear are becoming more important than ever as these workers are realizing the powerful connection between outward appearance and inner confidence and poise. Medical professionals of today demand respect, and their uniforms should reflect their prestige.

Because of this, we are now witnessing a rapid shift in the standard for medical uniforms. Medelita is proud to be a key driver in this paradigm shift. The new breed of consumers is a fashion-forward bunch who are more than aware of the importance of performance fabrics in their uniforms.

These consumers see performance fabrics in athletic wear, leisure wear—its past time to bring performance fabrics into the world of medical apparel. What a healthcare professional needs from the fabric of their medical uniforms is stain release, comfort, breathability, and easy care. Medelita is happy to say with complete confidence that the fabric in our garments not only meets all these qualifications, but they exceed them.

ipad pocket lab coat
On the runways at New York Fashion Week, the success of a garment is all in the details. As with high fashion, medical professionals demand attention to detail and exceptional fit with their garments. Wearers of medical uniforms have an appreciation for the details and features in their work wear (or frustration about the lack thereof). Medelita lab coats come with many utility features, including finished seams, plenty of pockets, a pocket to fit iPads, custom embroidery, and more.

Overall, the medical apparel industry has witnessed a revolutionary transition from shapeless, unflattering, uncomfortable uniforms to garments that are functional, comfortable, and flattering enough to wear outside of the workplace.

Read the original article here.


The Importance Of Female Lab Coats

If you were a female practicing medicine 8 years ago, getting dressed for work was probably not the most exciting task. No matter how greatly your patient workload may have varied, your choices of lab coats would have been very limited. Until recently, the only available lab coat styles were typically unisex and catered primarily toward the functional needs and measurements of men. For women in the medical field, this meant the only option was to wear a lab coat that hung like a smock.

Fast forward to today, when medical apparel companies such as Medelita are finally creating lab coats that fit the needs of the nearly 300,000 female doctors and thousands of women in related scientific fields. Now considerations such as height, body type, and personality are made during the design process. Some lab coats are even made according to specialty, such as a dentist or dental surgeon that needs a wider range of motion in their coat. Flattering silhouettes and new construction details have transformed the workwear wardrobe for women everywhere.

women lab coats