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pharmacist lab coat

Pharmacist Lab Coats

Pharmacist Lab Coats

Many pharmacies provide standard unisex lab coats for their employees so it’s not surprising that many pharmacists, especially women, are willing to purchase their own coats that fit and look like a professional attire and not some flimsy pajamas. We are convinced that Medelita ( makes the best lab coats for pharmacists. In part it’s because they offer highest quality fabric and advanced technologies to keep their lab coats free of stains, wrinkles and make it possible to remove ink and grease which is unheard of for the most generic lab coats on the market. But another big part of their top ratings is customer service and custom embroidery options. Every pharmacist ordering a lab coat can include custom logo or title/name embroidery, upload an image or choose font and color from a full spectrum of possibilities.

Reviews of Medelita Pharmacist lab coats:

  • “This labcoat is used in both a laboratory and clinical environment. I love the snap buttons for easy put-on & take-off and the cuffs for ensuring gloves stay over the sleeves. The material is certainly of great quality – it’s thick and appears very durable. Best of all, it’s very feminine… and there’s not so many of such options in the labcoat industry!” – Diana Ph.D
  • I am a pharmacist and just love this lab coat. The “foreign fluids” just roll off this coat. Stays cleaner than any other coat I have worn. Highly Recommend it! – Andy C.


men's lab coat

Men’s Lab Coats

Men’s Lab Coats

Hand sewn, designer men’s lab coats that fit like a blazer with sizes 32-52, made out of comfortable, soft, breathable, pre-shrunk 100% cotton fabric. The fabric is both wrinkle resistant and fluid resistant – which means it repels all organic fluids including blood without leaving any stains. Medelita lab coats for men are the most professional, highest quality lab coats on the market with great style and functionality. Featuring iPad compatible pockets on select styles and sizes.

Unsolicited review of Medelita Men’s Lab Coats: 

  • “This is my second Medelita coat- it is made from a less soft material but appears to be a bit more stain-resistant and less wrinkle-prone. I have received compliments regarding how nice (and expensive)it looks. However, the material in this new coat is also much less breathable, and during this hot summer, the coat has been sometimes too hot to wear inside except in the coolest areas of the hospital. I do feel that the construction is excellent, with no loose strings or uneven seams, and having nice, big pockets means that I can carry everything I need around with me. I feel like this coat will last me for a while, as well.” – Ron B. P.A.
  • “This coat looked amazing right out of the package. The materials used are of highest quality and it shows well. The length of the coat is perfect, the length of the arms is a bit long but tolerable. The coat is fitted and tailored, thank you very much as i know how hard it is to find a men’s lab coat fit correctly.” -Richard C. M.D


women's lab coat

Women’s Lab Coats

Women’s Lab Coats

If you are looking for the best lab coat on the market, compare Medelita lab coats for women with any other product and you won’t find anything close to the quality, style, fit, sizing, design and value that is embedded in the lab coats such as Emma W or Estie.

What makes Medelita lab coats different ? 

  • Special fabric
  1. fluid repellent.
  2. anti wrinkle.
  3. 100% cotton.
  • Great design and special features
  1. quality sewing
  2. iPad Pockets
  3. precision sizing 0-16

If you are tired of unisex, bulky, cheap coats, you will be more then satisfied with Medelita women’s lab coats and service. Excellent warranty and free shipping, thousands of happy customers, hundreds of unsolicited 5 star reviews.

Review of Medelita Lab Coats:

“Although I cannot locate the recommendation now, I believe I saw that the Emma jacket was best suited for a C/D bra cup size. Despite that, since it was such a great looking jacket & had some superb reviews, I ordered it anyways. (I am about an A + 1/2, 36″ bust, 31″ waist, 42″ hip, 5’4”). I ordered a size 6. It is indeed a stunningly well made jacket. I was truly surprised. It is a beautiful jacket and easily the most well-made & sophisticated professional jacket I have seen. I will definitely continue to check the medelita website for additional products in the future. The excellent quality and distinctly fashionable designs will be a pleasure to wear when combined with a fabulous fit.” – Leslie A, M.D