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The Most Versatile Lab Coat In The World

As many physicians can attest, the selection of white coats available has been paltry, at best, until recently. Fashionable, high-quality lab coats are quickly becoming the standard for medical uniforms, as they display the prestige and competence that you spent all those years earning during your medical training.

In this sartorial shift, physicians and clinicians are expected by patients to present a polished and professional appearance. Studies have actually shown that patients have higher levels of trust in their physicians when they dress professionally and in a nice white lab coat.

Medical apparel innovator Medelita has developed their White Coat Collection, a stunning presentation of white coats that come in multiple styles for both men and women. These styles are subtly different and immaculately constructed, making them perfect to display your personal style and flattering for any body type.

Ellody back belt

The Ellody lab coat is perfect for petite women, and it comes in sizes ranging from 00 to 14.

Callia Lab Coat For Women

But the Callia lab coat has delicate feminine accents that are professional and stylish.

Laennec Lab Coat

For men, the Laennec lab coat fits like a well-tailored blazer and has an ergonomic design for you to move freely. 

E. Wilson Lab Coat For Men

But the European fit of the E. Wilson lab coat might appeal more to you if you prefer a slim yet elegant and tasteful fit for the modern physician. 

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