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Underscrub Tee

5 Ways to Wear Your Underscrub Tee This Winter

In our opinion, underscrub tees might be the single most underrated clothing item of the season – for medical professionals and non-medical people alike. It’s called an underscrub because, as you probably guessed, many medical professionals do choose to wear them as an added layer of warmth or coverage under their scrub tops.

But don’t let the name pigeonhole this dynamic garment – read on for our top 5 ways to wear your underscrub!

  1. Under your scrubs (duh) as an added layer of warmth to protect you from the hospital chill or wintry weather.
  2. The flattering fit and ergonomic seam lines make this tee a great winter basic. Add a loose patterned scarf and wear your underscrub tee as a fitted basic, or even add a statement necklace.
  3. Because these tees are made of performance fabric, they are perfect for wearing during your morning jog to protect you from the chill.
  4. Combine with the scrub jacket found here – another item that is marketed for medical professionals, but is actually perfect for anyone looking for a polished fleece-type jacket made of technological performance fabric.
  5. Wear for any on-the-go activity you can think of, from camping and traveling, to running errands all day. This particular author enjoys wearing her underscrub tee just about every single time she gets on an airplane because of the comfort and quality style.

Men's Core Tee Womens Core

The Core One Underscrub Tee from Medelita comes in three colors: black, light heather grey, and heather blue. There is a short sleeved version for men and a long sleeved version for women.



Are These The Best New Nursing Scrubs In The Market?

The wait is over, the anticipation has ended, and Medelita is finally about to release their long-awaited line of nursing scrubs: Element has arrived!

Scrubs with pockets

There are 2 new styles of scrub tops and 2 new styles of scrub pants, and they each come in four different colors: royal blue, ceil, navy, and black. The Element Collection is also rounded out by an awesome scrub jacket, the Ionic, that has pretty stellar reviews:

“This is absolutely perfect for working in medicine. I love all the pockets – I can fit everything I need into it! The fabric is soft and cozy, and the look is super sleek. I love that there’s even a place specifically for my badge reel. Overall, this is my fav jacket that I reach for time and time again!” —L.S., Verified Customer

You can tell that the folks over at Medelita really thought everything out while they were designing these nursing scrubs. They invited real life nurses at the beginning of the design process to see what features were missing from their existing scrubs, so Element has a ton of really cool and useful features:

  • ID Badge Clip pocket on both tops
  • Scissors loop + pen slot on the pants
  • Hidden zipper pockets
  • Signature silicone dipped neon drawcord

alana_ionic jacket navy_grey tee_navy argon scrub pants_0160

Oh, and did we forget to mention that if you are wearing the Delta pants and either of the scrub tops, you’ll have 10 pockets – not including the badge clip pocket?? These are some serious scrubs with pockets.

Best technological stethoscopes

The Sleekest Stethoscopes For The Polished Professional

A new brand of stethoscopes is coming to the US for the first time, and you should be excited. ERKA is a medical instrument company that is well-known in Europe and other parts of the globe, where it sets the ultimate standard for high-quality stethoscopes, and in just a few weeks, you’ll be able to try out three new models of ERKA stethoscopes by purchasing them from scrubs and lab coats company Medelita, which has set the standard for high quality medical apparel internationally.

ERKA Scope

If you know anything about Medelita, you know that they have extremely stringent standards for quality. This is a fact that inspires confidence in the quality of the ERKA stethoscopes, because Medelita is not a brand that would sell products that aren’t of the absolute highest quality.

So what makes ERKA stethoscopes superior to the Littmann models?

  • German-engineered products are known around the world for their precision and technical mastery, and ERKA stethoscopes are no different.
  • From the sleek design to the patented dual-membrane sound chamber geometry, these chrome-plated stethoscopes are technologically more advanced than most scopes on the market, as well as being more hygienic.
  • From an aesthetic standpoint, the ERKA stethoscopes are much more attractive and polished-looking than any other we’ve seen. They also have a bit more heft to them, a pleasant weight that is indicative of their quality.

Starting in May, Medelita will begin selling three models of ERKA stethoscopes: the Finesse, the Precise, and the Sensitive.

Lab Coats on Hangers

Historical Significance Of The White Lab Coat

Doctors work long and hard to earn their white coats. When patients see a person wearing a lab coat, their trust increases in that person. That’s because the white lab coat signifies that person is a scientific healer.

“As opposed to what other kind of healer?”, you may be asking. But historically, the realm of medicine actually had very little to do with science and everything to do with home remedies, folklore, and quackery.

As a matter of fact, the field of medicine was not considered a well-respected branch of science until the 1900’s, when many strides were being made in the medical field. Scientists quickly realized the medicinal applications of their new discoveries, including antiseptics and anesthesia. Before then, doctors were essentially glorified barbers with little to no formal training, unless they were quacks who took advantage of others’ suffering and desperation for their own financial gain.

But as medicine began to grow into a more well-respected field, true doctors – the scientific healers – began distinguishing themselves with a long lab coat. At first the coats were beige out of practicality, but they eventually turned to white as it symbolized purity and sterility.

What do you think of these modernized versions of the white lab coat?

Ellody Cushing

Worst Colors and Fabrics to Wear in Summer Heat

Today in southern California, temperatures today reached 107 degrees Fahrenheit. On these sweltering summer afternoons, all you want to do is change into shorts or a sundress, and kick back with a frosty beverage in the shade.

But if you’re dressing for summer, there are a few fabrics and colors you might want to steer clear of in order to avoided the dreaded sweat stains that come along with higher temperatures and summer activities. Here are the clothes you should avoid until the fall months begin:

  1. The color grey and green
    These colors are just asking for you to sweat so that they can turn a darker shade! Think of any color of fabric that turns significantly darker when it gets wet – you’ll want to avoid these or else you might find yourself walking around with embarrassing dark semi-circles under your armpits all day.
  2. Silk fabrics or anything that needs dry cleaning
    Unless you are set in stone for a garment for an event, you’re going to rack up your dry cleaning charges pretty quickly if you wear dry clean only clothes during the summer. Most people wait until after a few wears to send these clothes to the dry cleaner, but during summer months you will want to wash your clothes after just about every single wear. Your excess sweat gets trapped in the fibers of your clothes, and this mixes with bacteria to create a body odor scent that you can’t get rid of!

What you should be wearing in summer is light, breathable fabrics that come in eggshell tones or patterns to as to avoid sweat stains that will ruin your whole outfit. When comfort is your goal, stick to performance apparel like Lulu Lemon or this Core One Tee – these wick away moisture the most efficiently, so that you don’t need to sweat about your sweat stains.

odor workout clothes

Here’s Why Your Workout Clothes Stink

The latest generation of athletic performance fabrics have been a godsend for many fitness buffs, as the moisture wicking fabric and flattering athleisure designs have made it possible for the modern professional to easily go from the gym, to the grocery store, or any other type of errands. Gone are the days of needing to go home and change out of your damp, sweaty clothes before daring to be seen in public – these high-tech fabrics are able to wick away moisture and sweat so effectively that most people can transition easily from fitness to real life while wearing the same clothes you do to workout.

However, this technological feature which saves so much time for users may also be the culprit to blame for stinky clothes that permeate through your laundry basket. The problem is this: when you work out in performance fabric gym clothes, the fact that your clothes feel dry almost immediately thereafter can easily lead to the mistaken assumption that the garment is cleaner than any other apparel you would wear to work out in.

When your clothes feel dry, the sweat, germs, and bacteria can easily accumulate without you noticing. Because these performance fabrics feel dry, many people interpret that as being clean – which is not the case until you actually wash the clothes. Many people want to wear their favorite yoga pants on Tuesday, and again on Thursday; since the clothes seem to be clean they are used multiple times between washes. Unfortunately, once you actually throw these athleisure garments in your hamper, they might be so inundated with sweat and dirt that the smell permeates your entire laundry hamper.

The takeaway? Launder your workout clothes (without fabric softener!) after every gym session or spinning class in order to increase the longevity of your garments and prevent them from stinking up the rest of your hamper.

Professional Doctor White Coat

What Does A Professional Doctor Look Like?

What is the image that comes to mind when you picture a modern professional?

Your answer will of course depend on what kind of occupation the person has, but there are a few things that are crucial for a professional image regardless of the type of work. For example, a professional businessman would probably wear a beautiful designer suit with impeccable details that fits him well. He would probably match it with a tasteful silk tie and high quality collared shirt. If it’s a businesswoman, she would likely wear a pants suit, or a skirt suit, or a modestly elegant dress.

Notice the key factors here: fits well, detailed construction, high quality garments.

This is no different in the medical industry! Like it or not, people judge a book by it’s cover every time they meet someone new. In the patient-physician relationship, your professional appearance can set the entire tone – are you wearing a shabby, ill-fitting lab coat? Your patient will notice, and they will subconsciously form an opinion of you that may not reflect your true level of professionalism.

As a doctor, it’s really important to keep in mind the image you are presenting to the outside world. Having a lab coat that fits like a tailored jacket is important, as is the quality of the fabric and construction. These details make a significant difference in making you look professional. After all, you worked hard for years to get that white coat – why not choose one that reflects your level of skill and sacrifice?

Womens Fashion necklines

Different Types Of Necklines For Women’s Clothing

Though the neckline of your top may seem like a minute detail unworthy of a second thought, this design detail actually plays a huge role in creating a flattering silhouette from the neck up. Different styles of necklines can serve many fashion purposes, like playing up a lovely décolletage, or emphasizing slim shoulders, or creating a graceful visual line that draws the gaze to your face.

Here is a basic guide to the main types of necklines you will find today in women’s fashions:



Doctor Dress Code

Lab Coats Or Scrubs: A Dress Code For Doctors?

If you think that your sartorial choices are irrelevant to your performance as a physician or clinician, you are mistaken. An article from the Washington Post has described how the apparel of a physician actually has a huge effect on how patients perceive their doctors.

It turns out that patients strongly prefer their doctors wear lab coats in a clinical setting, as it conveys an image of professionalism and skillfulness. Though the data collected was done in an informal study, the findings indicate that most patients feel pretty negatively about their doctors wearing scrubs to consult with patients, unless they are operating or are in an EM setting – in these hands-on settings, scrubs are rated favorably.

In general, the results showed that patients are not impressed when their doctor wears casual attire, be it scrubs or everyday clothing. There was a strong preference for doctors who wore formal attire or a lab coat, or both.

These studies are not conclusive and the authors of the article are in the process of completing a more in-depth study to more definitively assess exactly what their patients prefer them to wear, depending on specialty. These findings should provide more evidence as to how a doctor’s work attire actively plays a role in the way they are perceived by a patient.

Splurging On A Designer Lab Coat: Cost Per Wear

It can be understandably difficult, no matter what your income is like, to splurge on an item you can get for free or for a much lower cost. For example, there are plenty of medical professionals out there who find it tough to justify spending upwards of $100 on a designer lab coat when their hospital issues standard run-of-the-mill lab coats for free, or they can find a lab coat elsewhere for much cheaper.

This kind of thinking makes sense, but when you take a deeper look at the true cost of what you are wearing, you might actually find that you are spending more by buying cheap. Not only are cheap lab coats boxy, unflattering, and uncomfortable, but they don’t exactly send an image of professionalism to your patients and colleagues.

After all those years spent in medical training, do you really think it’s a wise choice to start cutting corners when it comes to your professional dress?

This lab coat resembles a glorified smock.

This lab coat resembles a glorified smock.

Additionally, you must think about the durability of your lab coat. Sure, the $30 lab coat may be cheaper than the $100 lab coat, but if the cheap one falls apart after just a few spins in the laundry then you’re not actually getting very much bang for your buck.

On the other hand, if you decide to get the more expensive but higher-quality designer lab coat, it might seem like a splurge at the time but the greater durability actually makes it a wiser purchase. A high quality lab coat will last for years, meaning you don’t need to buy a replacement any time soon.

High quality lab coats are distinguished by a professional appearance.

High quality lab coats are distinguished by a professional appearance.

Bottom line? You actually end up saving more when you splurge based on the quality of an item.