Scrubs That Won’t Shrink

Medical scrubs come in many styles, colors, and fabrics to suit a variety of tastes and needs. Scrubs fabric has traditionally represented a tradeoff: scratchy polyester fabrics that are uncomfortable and don’t hold up to wear and tear, or fabrics made of natural fibers – such as cotton – which are very comfortable, but will likely shrink up to 50% when laundered.

Innovative medical apparel company Medelita has created a new scrubs fabric that marries the principal benefits of polyester and natural fiber. The brushed fabric is made of long staple fibers – meaning that it won’t pill up in the wash – and is comfortable, durable, and won’t shrink over time.

How does this fabric work? It starts with the quality of the fibers used. This fabric is made with both cotton and polyester fibers. The polyester stabilizes the cotton, meaning that you get the softness and durability of cotton while reaping the stabilizing benefits of polyester.

Medelita oversees the production of their proprietary cotton-poly blend, which has given their scrubs the ultimate quality of fabric so that the garments will shrink less than 1%, a negligible amount that is not noticeable to the wearer.


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