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Crew Neck Men’s Scrub Top

If you are a male healthcare professional, your scrub style choices are pretty limited. You probably have a few shades of blue scrubs to choose from, most of which are made from cheap scratchy fabrics. And men’s scrub tops are almost universally styled with a v-neck that is both unflattering and fairly revealing if you have to bend over and aren’t wearing an underscrub tee.

If this conundrum sounds familiar to you, we’ve got some good news: Medelita has introduced a style of men’s scrub top that has a crew neck and an athletic fit. This new style, called the Radius Scrub Top, has 3 super-convenient pockets and an invisible badge pocket to clip your ID badge on the left shoulder.

In addition to the purposeful design featured and streamlined design, this scrub top is made from their revolutionary stretch scrub fabric. This fabric is a real game-changer: not only is it blissfully soft and professional looking, but it has been tested in industrial laundry settings (70 degrees Celsius is pretty standard) and is able to withstand hundreds of washes without tearing, fading, or ripping. Medelita guarantees the durability of their scrub fabric – they are actually the only scrub company in the industry that offers a full year warranty on all their products, so if for some reason it starts to fall apart they will replace it no questions asked.

Check out the men’s crew-neck scrub top below and let us know what you think of it in the comments!

Men's Radius Scrub Top

Men’s Radius Scrub Top

Men's Radius Scrub Top

Men’s Radius Scrub Top

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Neutrals For Your Best Professional Winter Look

It’s still 85 degrees in southern California, so I haven’t yet tucked away my summer florals, but I have been on the lookout for some new neutrals to add to my wardrobe for the fall and winter seasons. Neutral clothing is always a good thing to keep in your wardrobe because it goes with everything, no matter the season. However, it is particularly appropriate for the cooler months.

Medical scrubs come in so many colors and fun prints. But this winter you should consider adding some neutral scrub colors to your professional uniform. The good news is that you can find scrubs almost anywhere in nice neutral colors like black or dark navy.

Here are some of my favorite scrubs in black and navy.

Stylish Black Scrubs for Women

Womens Stylish Lab Coat and Navy Scrubs

Navy Mens Scrubs

Scrubs Drawstrings

The Most Comfortable And Fashionable Scrubs Available

In recent years, Medelita has gone above and beyond to change the standard of medical wear and improve scrubs for physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and every medical professional in between. The comfort and functionality of our scrubs sets us above the rest; we continue to go unmatched in fit, quality, ergonomics, comfort, and performance.

The ergonomic design of our scrubs flatters the professional while allowing them to have a comfortable range of motion. Many small details on the men’s and women’s scrubs, while they may seem minor, benefit the wearer significantly. The beautifully fashioned, top darts at the bust of the women’s top offer a raised V-neck that create an elegant, flattering neckline that lays flat overall. Along with a higher neckline the women’s top has shorter sleeves allowing for freedom in movement. The men’s top has been re-shaped for a improved fit in the torso. Both the men’s and women’s resemble a high quality woven short-sleeve shirt; featuring a raised neckline and a roomier chest pocket. Our well designed fit from the shoulders to chest allows for an enhanced range of motion while visually creating a narrower frame. Medelita scrub pants feature many outstanding fashion forward designs as well. Men’s pants offer the drape of slacks, the casual length of your favorite jeans, while having the comfort of athletic pants. Along with a drawstring and latex-free elastic waistband, the men’s pants have a zippered fly. Both men’s and women’s pants have a relaxed fit around the thighs and groin for less pulling while sitting. The straight leg fit of our pants, with a contoured rise, are flattering and modern. On all products, the stress-reinforced sewing details are designed for all-day comfort.

Medelita fabric is proven to last the lifetime of the product. Not only can the product be home laundered, with no ironing required, but the drirelease® material resists piling, fading, wrinkling, and static cling. The technically advanced performance fabric pulls moisture away from your skin and dries incredibly faster than other performance fabrics or cotton. The supremely soft fabric is known for comfort and performance. FreshGuard® provides bacteriostatic, odor-free comfort. With no chemicals or irritants, our performance fabric is promised to be environmentally friendly.

All in all, Medelita scrubs are a step above the rest. Other scrubs brands often have less flattering tops and pants. Their pants have a natural-rise waist with a simple drawstring or back elastic, offering less support or comfort. Many brands sell an outdated flared leg with side vents. Although their tops feature the same short sleeves, they hold a looser fit that does not flatter the professional. Our moisture wicking, fast drying, high performance, odor control, superior comfort, and premium quality is top notch and quality trumps quantity every time.

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The Best Hack For Removing Deodorant Stains From Your Scrubs

Pilling, shrinking, staining – these are just a few clothing woes that we experience as a result of just wearing our scrubs and lab coats as they’re meant to be worn. For the most part, they’re unavoidable. After all, your medical uniform is meant to protect you and inform others while you’re on the job, so stains and damage will naturally occur over time. It’s just a part of natural wear and tear.

But how frustrating is it when you put on your freshly washed dark blue scrubs, only to discover that your deodorant left an unsightly white smear all over the hem?

Scrubs Top For Women

There are two options when you find yourself in this situation. Either you toss your scrubs top back in the laundry to be cleaned again (don’t do this – it’s wasteful), or you try your hand at getting that deodorant stain out by hand. Luckily for you, there’s a much easier, cleaner, and effective way to remove these white stains.

Instead of trying to spot clean these stains from your clothes with soap and water, rub at the stain vigorously with another piece of clean clothing (or a rag works fine too). The friction from the fabric will absorb the deodorant and disperse the particles so that the stain disappears like magic! This is much more effective, and gets rid of these stains from your clothes without getting them damp or making a mess.

Black Scrubs

If you are shopping for black scrubs, we know just the place for high quality scrubs that retain color extremely well. In fact these black scrubs don’t fade at all. Intrigued ? Take a look at Medelita black scrubs. They are easily distinguished by highest quality material and great design, very flattering cut, raised neckline and unbelievable comfort for all day wear. Scrub pants are packed with pockets, have elastic back, drawstrings and zip fly on men’s scrubs. We have tried many different brands, and are completely convinced that once you try Medelita professional scrubs it will be impossible for you to downgrade to any other scrubs.

Reviews taken from Medelita website:

  • “Got the black scrubs. I love, love, LOVE them! Thank you very much for everything!!! I will definitely refer business.”
  • “I absolutely love your product and many of my female co-workers are planning to join my Medelita fan club. We work in Plastic Reconstructive and Hand Surgery, so as a PA-C it’s important to look like a clinician, but it’s nice to finally have scrubs that show my curves!”
  • “I am such a fan, and while new to your product, I can say I’ve never had a better fitting or better wearing set of scrubs. I feel more efficient and prepared when the only thought I give to my scrubs is how great they are! No more gaps between pants and top, no baggy neck and arm holes – just freedom. So keep up the great work.”