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Cheap Scrubs Aren't Cheap

Why Pay More For Medical Scrubs?

In an endless sea of options for scrubs, you’re going to see a very large variation in price. Some scrubs are as cheap as $18 for a set of unisex pants and top, others can be twice that amount for just a top or pair of scrubs pants.

To the thrifty shopper (which I know you all are!), the choice seems obvious: go for the cheaper ones. Maybe not the cheapest of the cheap, but you might be thinking something along the lines of “as long as they get the job done, why waste my money on a fancy pair of scrubs that does basically the same thing?”

Well, quite frankly, the answer is that they don’t do the same thing. Here’s why it’s worth it to shell out a little extra cash for a nicer set of nursing scrubs.

The fit and styles

Cheap scrubs are just that: cheap. This includes how they are designed, and you’ll often see that inexpensive scrubs are made in unisex sizes, which is ridiculous considering that men and women are proportioned very differently.

Even if there are different options for men and women, the fact is that if scrubs are cheap then the manufacturer probably didn’t put very much time and effort into creating a fit that is actually flattering and gives you coverage.


The number one most important question you have to ask yourself before you buy any set of scrubs is this: will I be comfortable in these scrubs for a 12+ hour shift?

Again, with cheap scrubs the answer is, probably not. Think flimsy cheap fabrics, scratchy tags and seams, and a subpar fit that gapes open during the most inappropriate times (such as when bending over to pick something up).

Performance fabrics are HUGE

The biggest reason to pay a little more for nice scrubs is the fabrics. Quality starts with the raw materials, and you can bet your bottom dollar that cheap scrubs are made with cheap fabric. Cotton is better than polyester, but ideally you should look for scrubs made with performance fabrics that actually provide some benefit for you, as the wearer.

It may seem ridiculous, but anything made with performance fabrics is going to be way more comfortable, less likely to shrink in the wash, and not rip or tear. Moisture wicking technologies are pretty impressive these days, and if you don’t think that matters then try to think back to the last high-pressure situation you were in and whether or not you were sweating bullets.

You’re actually not saving any money.

After all is said and done, you’re not actually saving yourself any money when you buy cheaply made scrubs. Though you might be spending half as much at the time of purchase, you get what you pay for and poor-quality scrubs are just that: poor quality. There is a pretty high likelihood that your cheap scrubs will only last through a few washes in the laundry before they get stained, shrink, or start to rip apart at the seams.

You do the math. Paying $18 every month to replace your cheap scrubs is actually almost three times more expensive than paying $80 one time for scrubs that will last a year or more.

Medelita Scrubs Easily Transition From Hot To Cold

Summer is almost here! This is my favorite season by far, but knowing how to dress for work in the summer is a challenge. It’s tempting to dress for the warm weather, but I know that as soon as I step in the office, the air conditioning will make me wish I had worn a winter parka. Conversely, if I dress for that colder temperature, I always regret it as soon as I step outside and start sweating.

There isn’t really an easy solution for this besides layering to no end. But if you work in an overly air conditioned hospital while it’s toasty outside, you also have the option of purchasing scrubs that help to regulate your internal temperature.

scrubs top for women

Medelita scrubs do just that. According to tons of reviews on this product, these are definitely the best option for medical scrubs that keep you warm and not shivering in the OR, but also breathe well enough that they are entirely comfortable to wear in scorching summer temps without sweating like a pig!

I don’t know about you, but this is definitely a game changer for how I look at my scrubs options in the summer and winter seasons. Did I mention that the material is so soft, you might as well be wearing pajamas?

Modern Fit Scrubs Review

Scrubs That Won’t Shrink

Medical scrubs come in many styles, colors, and fabrics to suit a variety of tastes and needs. Scrubs fabric has traditionally represented a tradeoff: scratchy polyester fabrics that are uncomfortable and don’t hold up to wear and tear, or fabrics made of natural fibers – such as cotton – which are very comfortable, but will likely shrink up to 50% when laundered.

Innovative medical apparel company Medelita has created a new scrubs fabric that marries the principal benefits of polyester and natural fiber. The brushed fabric is made of long staple fibers – meaning that it won’t pill up in the wash – and is comfortable, durable, and won’t shrink over time.

How does this fabric work? It starts with the quality of the fibers used. This fabric is made with both cotton and polyester fibers. The polyester stabilizes the cotton, meaning that you get the softness and durability of cotton while reaping the stabilizing benefits of polyester.

Medelita oversees the production of their proprietary cotton-poly blend, which has given their scrubs the ultimate quality of fabric so that the garments will shrink less than 1%, a negligible amount that is not noticeable to the wearer.


Prima Scrubs

Where to find white scrubs ? The best brands to look at would be Prima Scrubs by Barco and WS Fundamentals or Classic Whites from White Swan. Prima Scrubs are very popular with original designs and fashionable details. Featuring nice embroidery, notched collars, mock plackets, ruffle necks and elastic shirred sides. Some of them can be found at Medelita Marketplace, our favorite place to shop for nursing scrubs, including Prima Scrubs and Ws Fundamentals.

Here are some reviews of Prima scrubs taken from Medelita website:

“I am a nurse and was looking for an affordable yet functional white scrub pants everywhere. So happy to stumble upon Prima 6 pocket pants from Prima. (http://www.medelita.com/prima-womens-scrub-pants-4214.html). Really love all the useful pockets. They are hard to find, thank you Medelita ! oh and the service was great, please sign me up for your newsletter!” – Jessica, Nurse.