Scrubs Caps Remove Sweat

Scrubs Caps Are Like Sweatbands For Doctors

If NBA players were doctors, and if basketball games were surgeries and operations, the players would be wearing surgical scrubs hats instead of sweatbands. New moisture-wicking technology has been improved so that it removes sweat and absorbs it efficiently, instead of letting sweat bead up on your face, which is distracting and unhygienic.

Of course surgical scrubs caps serve additional purposes in an operating room aside from just keeping you cool and dry. People are constantly shedding hair, and these scrubs hats serve to protect patients from errant hairs that might fall out during an operation.

That being said, there is still a huge benefit to having a sweat-wicking scrubs hat that functions like a sweatband. Think about the high-pressure situations that happen so often during procedures. Having someone’s life in your hands is always anxiety-inducing, and your body temperature will naturally rise as your stress levels increase. This is what makes you sweat in these situations, although surgery may not be as physically demanding as a pro basketball game.

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