Miranda B Lab Coat

True Petite Lab Coats for Doctors With a Small Frame

As we’ve discussed many times, the options for women in medicine seeking a professional lab coat was lacking for many years, until 2008 when Medelita introduced its first lab coat designed to fit the proportions of a woman’s body. Their collection of white lab coats has come a long way since then, but one of their most revolutionary products was the introduction of the first (and only) fitted lab coat for petite medical professionals.

Petite Lab Coat Ellody

The Ellody Petite Fit Lab Coat

The white coats from Medelita offer a wide variety of sizes that are measured like regular clothing – meaning the sizes come in numbers (2, 4, 6, etc) rather than small, medium, and large. In fact, the Ellody lab coat comes in sizes that goes as small as 00, making it the perfect option for physicians with a small frame who seek a professional look while on the job.

Making a petite lab coat is more complicated than just taking a typical woman’s garment pattern and making it smaller. The proportions must be completely specialized, so a new pattern is required that must be fitted on a fit model with those smaller proportions. This is an example of the attention to detail that goes into every Medelita lab coat.

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