The Perfect Scrubs For Fall And Winter

With fall coming in full swing, many people look forward to what that means for clothes: soft cashmeres, jersey knits, and so much more. Gone are the days of sheer linens and breathable cotton-only garments!

For medical professionals, now is time to upgrade to a scrubs made of fabric that is more substantial than what you might have had in summer. Ideally you want something that is soft to the touch and heavy enough that a breeze won’t send you shivering, but that is light enough that you can choose whether or not to layer an underscrub top under it or a lab coat over it.

These modern fit scrubs are made of what I consider to be the perfect scrubs fabric – summer or winter. It is made with a brushed cotton blend, meaning it is breathable but also has other technological properties. It is also very high quality, and you can feel the material is durable as soon as you hold it in your hands. The fact that the fabric is brushed on the inside means that the parts that touch your skin are as soft as cashmere, without being too warm.

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