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The Perfect Scrubs For Fall And Winter

With fall coming in full swing, many people look forward to what that means for clothes: soft cashmeres, jersey knits, and so much more. Gone are the days of sheer linens and breathable cotton-only garments!

For medical professionals, now is time to upgrade to a scrubs made of fabric that is more substantial than what you might have had in summer. Ideally you want something that is soft to the touch and heavy enough that a breeze won’t send you shivering, but that is light enough that you can choose whether or not to layer an underscrub top under it or a lab coat over it.

These modern fit scrubs are made of what I consider to be the perfect scrubs fabric – summer or winter. It is made with a brushed cotton blend, meaning it is breathable but also has other technological properties. It is also very high quality, and you can feel the material is durable as soon as you hold it in your hands. The fact that the fabric is brushed on the inside means that the parts that touch your skin are as soft as cashmere, without being too warm.

Easy Care Scrubs

Why Low Maintenance Scrubs Are The Way To Go

Let me get one thing straight: scrubs should be cleaned after every use, because it is true that they carry bacteria – as does every other piece of clothing that you own. But since scrubs are worn in a clinical setting, you should be washing them after every use. Scrubs definitely aren’t the type of clothing that you can get away with wearing a few times in between washes.

But some scrubs are more low maintenance than others, by which I mean they are less likely to get stained and that they don’t wrinkle. Let’s face it, scrubs made of 100% cotton are just more likely to wrinkle during the day or even before you put them on, if they’ve been washed but left unfolded.

It’s also worth the trouble of paying a bit extra for scrubs made of fabric that doesn’t stain, or that releases stains easily in the wash, because this extends the life of your scrubs and actually ends up costing you less in the long run. If you buy a cheap set of scrubs and the stains won’t come out in the wash, you have to buy an entirely new set of scrubs!

For those who wear scrubs to work every day, investing in a scrubs set that is comfortable and low maintenance is a no-brainer. You’ll end up saving money and feel more confident throughout the day, as opposed to being worried about wrinkles every time you stand up. Low maintenance scrubs are the way to go!


Professional Looking, Stylish Scrubs For Men

The medical apparel market is brimming with cute scrubs options. Today medical professionals can choose from a wide variety of colors, styles, and even patterns – there literally is a scrub for everyone available.

But most of these trendy new scrubs styles are geared for women in medicine – female RNs, PAs, and physicians. The options for men’s scrubs are better than they were a decade ago, but it can still be a challenge as a male medical professional to find a nice set of medical scrubs that don’t resemble a prisoner’s uniform.

Many men will simply accept whatever is cheapest or whatever set of scrubs they are issued by their place of employment, but the fashion-forward male medical professional is willing to spend a little more on a high quality set of comfortable scrubs that actually fits like a pair of chinos or regular pants.

Professional Mens Scrubs Pants

Medelita scrubs fit the bill exactly for professional men’s scrubs. Their designs aren’t overly flashy, but simple and ergonomically tailored for a full range of movement. They are also made with a special brushed cotton fabric that is supremely soft for maximum comfort all day, while wicking away any moisture, such as sweat.

What’s more is that Medelita’s men’s scrubs include a major design feature that all men will appreciate: a zippered fly.

Indeed, for men working in medicine the obvious choice for professional yet comfortable scrubs is the Modern Fit Collection from medical apparel brand Medelita.

Softest Scrubs Ever

Here’s Why Medelita Physician Scrubs Are Softer Than Any Other Brand

If you’ve been following this blog, you know we have a strong preference for Medelita products. What can we say? They really are the best in terms of fit and quality. They last far longer than any other scrubs or lab coats, and they’re easy to take care of because of the wrinkle release and stain release technology thats imbued in the fabric.

One of the many reasons we prefer Medelita scrubs is not about style or fit: it’s because they are quite literally the softest scrubs I have ever had my hands on. They are so comfortable that I have even worn them to bed on occasion, and I would even consider wearing them on a long-distance flight.

I recently asked Medelita’s chief of operations why their scrubs are so soft, and he gave me the inside scoop. Apparently, the finish of the scrub fabric on the inside is slightly different than the outside: this is because the fabric is brushed.

What does brushed fabric mean? According to TextileGlossary.com, brushing is:

A finishing process for woven or knit fabrics in which brushes or other abrading elements are used to raise a nap (a fuzzy or downy surface). Brushed fabrics have a soft, slightly weathered, broken-in feel.

You know that favorite old t-shirt that you have, that has become so soft over years of wear that it’s become the most soft and comfortable thing you own? It’s basically the same thing, but for scrubs.

You can’t wear your favorite old t-shirt to work…but you can wear your Medelita scrubs!

The Softest Medical Scrubs Ever

In the era of World War 2, nurses and medical professionals wore scrubs and uniforms for the purpose of making themselves easily identifiable, but as the war came to an end, many medical professionals realized that their medical wear was much more important than simply creating an organized aesthetic.

Since the late 1940s, medical wear has evolved into a billion dollar industry with fabric technologies that have reduced health risks and improved wearability. Although there have been several advances, it wasn’t until recently that scrubs finally reached their full potential of technical performance.

Medelita is a medical wear company that has taken the traditional medical uniform and upgraded it in every conceivable way. Last year Medelita released their latest version of scrubs designed uniquely for both male and female professionals.

Modern Fit Scrubs

Using a drirelease® with FreshGuard® fabric, Medelita has revolutionized the safety and comfort standards of medical wear.

Their scrubs not only repel bacteria from traveling within the fabric, it prevents odors, keeps nurses dry by wicking moisture away from their skin and dries faster than most top level performance fabrics and cottons.

These scrubs don’t wash out, fade, pill, wrinkle, or shrink. They are made from environmental materials and last a lifetime. Best of all? These scrubs are made from fabric so soft, you could literally wear them to bed.
Medelita is a company who prides themselves on supreme performance and advanced product development. For medical professionals who are looking for the superior medical wear, Medelita is your medical wear outlet.