Medelita Scrubs Easily Transition From Hot To Cold

Summer is almost here! This is my favorite season by far, but knowing how to dress for work in the summer is a challenge. It’s tempting to dress for the warm weather, but I know that as soon as I step in the office, the air conditioning will make me wish I had worn a winter parka. Conversely, if I dress for that colder temperature, I always regret it as soon as I step outside and start sweating.

There isn’t really an easy solution for this besides layering to no end. But if you work in an overly air conditioned hospital while it’s toasty outside, you also have the option of purchasing scrubs that help to regulate your internal temperature.

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Medelita scrubs do just that. According to tons of reviews on this product, these are definitely the best option for medical scrubs that keep you warm and not shivering in the OR, but also breathe well enough that they are entirely comfortable to wear in scorching summer temps without sweating like a pig!

I don’t know about you, but this is definitely a game changer for how I look at my scrubs options in the summer and winter seasons. Did I mention that the material is so soft, you might as well be wearing pajamas?

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