Scrubs Drawstrings

No More Losing Your Scrub Pants Drawstring

We’ve all been there – not just with scrubs, but with any clothing item that comes with an adjustable drawstring. Adjustable drawstrings are a great concept for making clothing fit a wider range of sizes, but I’ve lost count of how many drawstrings I’ve had get sucked into the string hole, never to be found again. I’ve also had the unfortunate experience of having my drawstring flip inside the garment itself – creating an unseemly bump in the silhouette of the garment, and causing a serious irritation for those of you who want your appearance to be impeccable.

I don’t blame you for holding your clothing to a higher standard of quality, especially when it comes to your scrubs and workwear because those are the clothes that you wear for the majority of your waking hours.

The latest innovators of medical apparel found a solution to this problem with their latex-free elastic waistband/drawstring combo for scrubs. The back of the scrubs pants are fitted with elastic to give a comfortable fit at your waist, with the drawstring there to provide any additional fitting.

No more lost drawstrings!

What makes this drawstring special is the fact that it is tacked to the inner material of the pants at three separate points. This prevents the drawstring from shifting awkwardly and unevenly to one side, and keeps the drawstring from being lost altogether in the vortex of that tiny little drawstring hole.

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