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This Scrub Jacket Feature Is So Useful, You’ll Wonder Why No One Thought Of It Before.

The other day, a friend of mine (who is an RN) was telling me about her daily dilemma: what should she wear to protect herself from the chilly hospital air conditioning?

The main obstacle for her is the fact that she is required to wear her iD badge at all times, but when she attached it to her scrubs it wasn’t visible once she put on her jacket or sweater. She had tried fleeces and hoodies and they kept her pretty warm, but there wasn’t any place to put her badge except the collar (scratching against her neck all day) or the zippered lining (which meant she couldn’t zip it up).

ID badges are a common but annoying requirement at most hospitals and unless you have a pocket on your top, there’s really nowhere convenient to attach it. Until now…

Scrubs and lab coats company Medelita is well known for their flattering designs, performance fabrics, and innovative features. They released their brand new women’s scrub jacket a few months ago, and not only does it have ample pocket space (and a zippered sleeve pocket to boot!), they also added a small but kind of life-changing feature: the ID badge pocket.

womens scrub jacket

The Ionic Scrub Jacket is the first of its kind in many ways, but I particularly l particularly love this badge pocket. It’s hidden on the left shoulder seam so that it’s invisible when you’r not using it, and it allows you to clip your badge onto your jacket.

Simple yet genius. Count me impressed.

Scrubs Drawstrings

No More Losing Your Scrub Pants Drawstring

We’ve all been there – not just with scrubs, but with any clothing item that comes with an adjustable drawstring. Adjustable drawstrings are a great concept for making clothing fit a wider range of sizes, but I’ve lost count of how many drawstrings I’ve had get sucked into the string hole, never to be found again. I’ve also had the unfortunate experience of having my drawstring flip inside the garment itself – creating an unseemly bump in the silhouette of the garment, and causing a serious irritation for those of you who want your appearance to be impeccable.

I don’t blame you for holding your clothing to a higher standard of quality, especially when it comes to your scrubs and workwear because those are the clothes that you wear for the majority of your waking hours.

The latest innovators of medical apparel found a solution to this problem with their latex-free elastic waistband/drawstring combo for scrubs. The back of the scrubs pants are fitted with elastic to give a comfortable fit at your waist, with the drawstring there to provide any additional fitting.

No more lost drawstrings!

What makes this drawstring special is the fact that it is tacked to the inner material of the pants at three separate points. This prevents the drawstring from shifting awkwardly and unevenly to one side, and keeps the drawstring from being lost altogether in the vortex of that tiny little drawstring hole.

Moisture wicking fabric

Why Should You Care About Moisture-Wicking Performance Fabric?

With the latest athleisure trend hitting the mainstream and permeating workwear culture, there have been a slew of new performance fabrics coming out, each touting highly technological features that promise some sort of benefit for you, the wearer. One of the most commonly seen features in modern performance fabrics is “moisture-wicking”, but why should you care about something like this?

According to You Design It,

“Wicking is defined by Wikipedia as the flow of liquids through porous media. In t-shirt terms, this translates into the fabric being breathable and allowing sweat to transfer from the wearer’s body to the air around them.”

Let’s compare how a garment made of moisture-wicking fabric performs against a garment made of, let’s say, regular cotton.

Scrubs Tops

Imagine you are running late for a shift, and you end up speedwalking most of your commute. By the time you’ve arrived, you have already sweat a fair amount, but it’s been mostly absorbed by your regular cotton scrubs. Awkwardly, your scrubs now have distinctive dark stains under your armpits and any other moist areas. What’s more, now that you are in the cold air-conditioned unit of your hospital, you might start to get chilly wearing your sweat-dampened clothing.

If you had been wearing scrubs made of moisture-wicking performance fabric, or even a versatile athleisure top, the moisture from your sweat would have been instantly pulled away from your skin and spread out over the fibers of the fabric. This means maximum comfort for you – and no embarrassing stains to worry about.

Scrub Pants Elastic Waistband

Non-Latex Elastic Waistbands For Scrubs

You’ll be happy to hear that your scrub pants no longer need to be either:

  1. Falling around your hips and butt so that you constantly have to pull them up
  2. Cinched awkwardly and uncomfortably around your waist

Modern Fit Scrubs

Medelita has re-designed scrub pants with their customers in mind. The waistband of the scrub pants has two parts: an elastic back (made with non-latex rubber so as to not trigger any latex allergies) and a drawstring tie. This dual waistband is perfect because the drawstring allows you to tighten the waist, while the elastic allows enough give for the pants to stay extremely comfortable.

These scrubs are extremely soft, durable, and come in a variety of colors that are popular among all medical professionals. Because of the fabric finish and updated cut, Medelita scrubs are definitely the best on the market for looking professional, but they’re also impossible to beat in terms of functional features. Don’t forget, they also come in styles for both men and women!