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Finally, Scrubs That Won’t Shrink In The Wash

I am definitely not a laundry pro. I usually launder my “hand-wash only” garments on delicate, and I’ve never been one to separate my colors (except for whites). I’m not even sure what the difference between cold water and hot water is when it comes to how it affects washing my clothes.

As such, it might not be that surprising to learn that I’ve shrunk many pieces of clothing in my years. It’s always a tragedy, and cotton clothes are especially vulnerable to this mishap. Cotton may be soft, but it’s a bit high maintenance if you ask me.

That’s why I’ve started looking for pre-shrunk clothes when I go shopping. There’s less ways for me to mess up brand new clothing, and this brand makes a great line of scrubs that come in super soft fabric and are pre-shrunk. Their fabric and design means that there is actually less than 1% shrinkage and no pilling even after 100 washes (pilling: another thorn in my side).

So if you’re in the market for a new pair of scrubs, try a set that is made pre-shrunk so that they are turned into baby clothing after one wash.

Pre Shrunk Scrubs

Pre Shrunk Scrubs by Medelita

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