Surgeon Lab Coats

Surgeon Lab Coats

Surgeons need a tailored jacket or a professional looking surgeon lab coat that fits like a suit rather than a flimsy cheap medical costume. It’s hard to find quality, hand sewn, professionally tailored and fitted coat with specific sizing. Medelita is one lab coat manufacturer that understands the needs of medical professionals who require high quality, modern design and great functionality from their lab coats.

Our designer style lab coats are hand sewn from 100% cotton and easily stand out from the rest. Most of the lab coat reviews we receive from our customers rave about clean, crisp look and outstanding features. With average ratings close to 5 stars on all products, free shipping and professional courtesy guarantee  virtual shopping experience becomes a real pleasure.

Review of Medelita Lab Coats:

  •  “I’ve bought 3 lab coats from different stores before I discovered Medelita. Since then, I bought another 2 additional lab coats from them. The embroidery is professionally made and looks great. Texture of the cloth is phenomenal. It is simply the best of the best. I loved my lab coats from Medelita and I wear them every time at work. I recommended this store to my co-workers. It is a great purchase and worth every penny.” – Vincent, Ph.D
  • “This coat is amazing. It looks great and fits great. I get compliments all the time about the looks. It is very durable and well made. Any liquid just beads right off. The care and maintenance is easy and if hung up, will remain wrinkle free. I know it will last me a long time and will look just like the first day I bought it. The fit is more like a blazer of a suite, the size is good but if you want more room I recommend a larger size. But if you like a professional look, maybe while wearing a shirt and tie, then look no further.” – Scott, Chicago, IL.



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