PA Lab Coats

PA Lab Coats

Medelita manufactures excellent quality PA lab coats with flattering styling, unmatched functionality, and added durability.  We’ve designed white coats for physicians that reflect professionalism and represent your hard earned degree and status.

Whether you are looking for WOMEN’S PHYSICIAN LAB COATS or PHYSICIAN LAB COATS FOR MEN, you are in for surprise when you see the quality and variety of styles offered by Medelita. Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector ensures long-lasting fluid repellency and stain resistance. Impeccably hand-sewn, pre-shrunk, wrinkle resistant cotton – a significant upgrade from the norm.

Professional Courtesy Guarantee, great warranty and the best customer service equals unforgettable shopping experience.

Review of Medelita Lab Coats:

“Our hospital issues the standard, shapeless, polyester lab coats, as we are required to wear a lab coat in clinic. The first time I wore this one into the lounge, my colleagues noticed it instantly and wanted to know where I got it. I really like the tailored, slim fit in the front and back. The fit is a vast improvement and the fabric is crisp and presses sharply. I am 5’4″, BMI 22, swimmer’s shoulders, and the size 4 fits over a shirt with some room to spare; I definitely would not go down to a size 2. I shortened the hem and sleeves, but I had expected to, given the description of the coat as “looks best on those 5’5″ and taller”. The coat has not yet been washed, so I can’t comment on that.” – Gaby.A. PA



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