Physician’s Embroidery Etiquette For Names & Titles

A physician’s lab coat serve various purposes, from comfort and protection to lending an appearance of professional polish and poise. One of the most important functions of the modern lab coat is to help patients differentiate between staff members by specialty, role, and experience level.

Custom name & title embroidery is the best way to make your lab coat more than just a protective garment because it clearly establishes your role to your patients and colleagues. Embroidering your name and credentials on your lab coat is the closest thing to wearing your diploma, which you worked so hard to achieve – why not announce it with pride?


Here are 4 important rules of embroidery etiquette to consider when deciding on your personal name & title embroidery:

  1. What your embroidery should include
    Anytime you get a custom embroidered professional garment, you will want to include several elements. The first line of embroidery should always have your name and degree, separated by a comma. The second line should include your department and/or specialty.
  2. Character count
    Those spaces, periods and commas all count in the overall character count of your embroidery – the longer your character count, the more likely your embroidery will be partially hidden by your lab coat lapel. If you are unsure about what punctuation to include (M.D. vs MD, R.N. vs RN, etc), it’s most important to give consideration to the character count.
  3. Color and font
    You want your embroidery to be clearly visible and easy to read even from a few feet away. Pick a thread color that suits your personal style, but that will still stand out against the bright white of your lab coat. If you are concerned about the embroidery being clearly legible, avoid script fonts and stick to a classic block or rounded serif font instead.
  4. Custom logo
    Make your lab coat stand out even more with a custom embroidered logo for your hospital, institution, or private practice. A custom logo is the most impressive way to truly distinguish your lab coat. This finishing touch adds an extra element of prestige and professionalism.


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