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The White Coat Effect

Where To Get Your Embroidered Lab Coat And Scrubs

It’s a waste of time and money to buy a lab coat or set of scrubs at one place, and then have to search around for a nice shop that will embroider them for you. Want your logo to be embroidered as well? That’s going to take even longer, and most embroidery facilities may not be able to reproduce your logo as well as you would like.

If you’re looking for new lab coats or scrubs and you know you’re going to want embroidery, you should buy your garments from a place that does their own embroidery in house as well. Medelita is a brand that does their ordering, fulfillment, and embroidery all under the same roof. This is not only a time and money saver for you, it also means that your lab coat will be embroidered with the same quality of the clothes that are being embroidered.

Lab Coat Embroidery Colors

Embroidery Colors

Medelita offers both name and title embroidery, as well as custom logo embroidery. If you do choose to get your logo embroidered, it will take a little longer because the brand’s embroidery artists will send you a sample of your embroidered logo for you to approve, and they’ll work with you to make adjustments until you are satisfied with it.

Check out their featured weekly logos to see some examples of fine embroidered logos.


As for regular name and title embroidery, you can choose from almost 20 different colors and 3 different font styles. The majority of Medelita’s orders are actually requested with embroidery, so they really know what they’re doing when it comes to personalized embroidery for your lab coat and scrubs.

Lab Coat Embroidery Do’s And Don’t’s

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the easiest way to truly individualize your white lab coat is with personal embroidery. And no one does a better embroidery job than Medelita, because they actually have an entire team of embroiderers who work in-house to make sure that everything is impeccable and professional-looking.

That being said, lab coats with custom embroidery cannot be returned, for instance if the coat does not fit as you expected, because once it has been embroidered there is no way to remove it.

So if you’re feeling a little hesitant about adding name and title embroidery to your lab coat, here are some quick tips to ensure you get it right!

  1. Check the character count. If a line of text is too long, it may be partially covered by the lapel of the coat. And each lab coat has a different lapel, so make sure to check that you aren’t exceeding the character count. This most often happens when a title is extra long, or if you hold many degrees that come after your name (ie: MD, FAAP, MBA, DO). An easy way to limit this is to eliminate any punctuation that isn’t absolutely necessary.
  2. Don’t be afraid of using color, but make sure you choose a versatile and appropriate color. If you’re feeling wary or indecisive, it’s easy to just go with black thread as the default choice. This still looks good, but I have to say that choosing embroidery with an actual color will make it feel even more unique to yourself and your personal style. There are a number of muted and versatile colors that are appropriate in just about every setting – some of the most popular ones are slate blue for men, and plum for women. They are both beautiful, rich color tones, but aren’t quite as bold as, say, scarlet or royal blue, which are also beautiful but a bit more bold.
  3. Anything goes for font style! Most lab coat embroidery offers three font options: script, serif block, and rounded block. All of these are easy to read and convey professionalism, so it’s really up to you to decide which style you like best.

Having your name and title embroidered on your lab coat is as close as you can get to wearing your diploma, and you should wear it with pride! Have fun with your embroidery, and don’t overthink it.

Physician’s Embroidery Etiquette For Names & Titles

A physician’s lab coat serve various purposes, from comfort and protection to lending an appearance of professional polish and poise. One of the most important functions of the modern lab coat is to help patients differentiate between staff members by specialty, role, and experience level.

Custom name & title embroidery is the best way to make your lab coat more than just a protective garment because it clearly establishes your role to your patients and colleagues. Embroidering your name and credentials on your lab coat is the closest thing to wearing your diploma, which you worked so hard to achieve – why not announce it with pride?


Here are 4 important rules of embroidery etiquette to consider when deciding on your personal name & title embroidery:

  1. What your embroidery should include
    Anytime you get a custom embroidered professional garment, you will want to include several elements. The first line of embroidery should always have your name and degree, separated by a comma. The second line should include your department and/or specialty.
  2. Character count
    Those spaces, periods and commas all count in the overall character count of your embroidery – the longer your character count, the more likely your embroidery will be partially hidden by your lab coat lapel. If you are unsure about what punctuation to include (M.D. vs MD, R.N. vs RN, etc), it’s most important to give consideration to the character count.
  3. Color and font
    You want your embroidery to be clearly visible and easy to read even from a few feet away. Pick a thread color that suits your personal style, but that will still stand out against the bright white of your lab coat. If you are concerned about the embroidery being clearly legible, avoid script fonts and stick to a classic block or rounded serif font instead.
  4. Custom logo
    Make your lab coat stand out even more with a custom embroidered logo for your hospital, institution, or private practice. A custom logo is the most impressive way to truly distinguish your lab coat. This finishing touch adds an extra element of prestige and professionalism.