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Benefits Of Name & Title Lab Coat Embroidery

What’s the only thing better than wearing a beautifully tailored, high-quality designer lab coat? Wearing a beautifully tailored, high-quality designer lab coat that has been personalized with your name and title.

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For only $12 extra, you can have your credentials listed on your lab coat in whichever color or font you like. This personal touch goes a long way in elevating your appearance – here are the top benefits to having your lab coat custom embroidered:

  1. Name and title embroidery will help your patients differentiate your role from other staff members, and provide a clear way to address you.
  2. Embroidery can come in all colors and multiple fonts. This way, you can make your embroidery even more individualized by picking styles and colors that suit you best.
  3. You worked for years to get your M.D. – name and title embroidery on your lab coat is the closest thing to wearing your diploma in real life. You worked hard, so show off a little!
  4. Having your name and title embroidered on your lab coat is a finishing touch that goes the extra mile in making your lab coat look even more professional than it already does.


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