007: Lab Coats For Leading Physicians

It shouldn’t be too far of a stretch to say that many male physicians have thought about how cool it would be to star in the next James Bond film at one point in their life or another – and why shouldn’t they?

James Bond is a peerless spy, a masculine icon and one of the coolest characters ever constructed. While male physicians may not be international spies, they are, in fact, leading men. So why don’t they dress the part, especially when they can?

Many traditional male lab coats are designed not for comfort or style, but strictly for function. While that might be ok for some, there are several practicing physicians who would appreciate a little more than just the basics, and a little more than an average lab coat.

Medelita designs all of their male lab coats with notched lapels that give each of them an advanced and sophisticated aesthetic. For those who are unfamiliar with notched lapels, it is the same type of lapel that James Bond has worn to seven different dinner parties amongst several of his films.

Of course, 007 is a fictional character, but his iconic role has influenced men’s fashion and the idea of how leading men should dress.

Medelita has four male lab coats and each of them, while unique in their own way, resemble aspects of the classic, sophisticated James Bond look:


The M3 LAENNEC CLASSIC FIT LAB COAT is a traditional, yet contemporary coat that most resembles a professional blazer or tailored suit jacket.


The M3 H.W. CUSHING SLIM FIT LAB COAT has a welt pocket construction and its on-trend tailoring complements the masterful craftsmanship.

j hunter smolder

The M3 J. HUNTER KNOT BUTTON LAB COAT has handsome knot buttons and a back waist belt that evokes a men’s trench coat.

M3 E. Wilson Lab Coat

M3 E. Wilson Lab Coat

Finally, the M3 E. WILSON SLIM FIT LAB COAT looks like a tailored suit with double back vents and slim fit silhouette.

Each of these lab coats are carefully constructed to make physicians stand out the way Vesper Lynd advised 007 in Casino Royale when she said:

“There are dinner jackets and dinner jackets; this is the latter. And I need you looking like a man who belongs at that table.”

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