Wearable Smart Clothing

Why The Next Generation Of Wearables Should Be Your Clothing

Think about the most popular wearables that you know – chances are, you’re thinking of fitness wearables like the FitBit or the Apple watch. The most common wearables of today seem to have found their common real estate on the wrist, which has been pretty effective while staying discreet for the wearer.

But is there a better option?

I don’t have a FitBit or Apple watch, but I forget to put on my regular watch in the morning about 50% of the time. It’s an optional accessory, making it easy to overlook if I’m in a rush in the morning while getting ready. If my watch was a wearable fitness tracker, I might be better about remembering to put it on, but I also might just get annoyed enough times that I just stop wearing it altogether. Probably the latter.

According to digitaltrends.com, “big-name companies like Samsung, Google,¬†OMSignal, Hexo Skin, and Under Armour¬†have begun thinking about ways to make the clothes on your back as smart as the phone in your pocket.”

This is a really exciting development – think about it, you might forget to pack your FitBit in your gym bag to track your daily run, but you can’t run naked so there’s no way you would forget a wearable that has been integrated into the clothing you wear. This kind of technology could be even more accurate than the current types of wearables, because clothing covers a larger surface area of your skin.

Smart clothing would also be far less conspicuous than the clunky wrist wearables, even though newest generations of these have managed to get sleeker and sleeker. I don’t know about you, but I think it would be awesome to have a workout top that can give me a detailed analysis of my workout without needing to remember another wearable device!

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