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Underscrubs Shirts Are Coming Back In Stock Soon

We’ve gone over the reasons every medical professional should invest in a proper underscrub shirt. Not only are they super versatile and can be worn without scrubs, but they are designed so that they work for the wearer.

Medelita’s brand of Core One Tees has been sold out for a while, and we’ve been waiting anxiously for them to come around again. That’s why it’s very exciting that they will be coming back in stock in just over two weeks!

Core One Underscrub

Pre-order your underscrub shirt here. 

They’re also accepting pre-orders now, and these shirts are likely to sell out again fast, so I recommend that you pre-order yours so you don’t have to worry about missing out.

Why Buy Underscrubs

Underscrubs: What Are They And Why Should You Wear One

Underscrubs are the newest trend in medical apparel, adding one more necessity to the closet of any self respecting medical professional. But what are they, and why should you fork over your money for an underscrub shirt?

What are underscrubs?

Strictly speaking, any undershirt you wear underneath your scrubs – whether for comfort, style, or coverage – can be considered an underscrub. This can include regular undershirts, plan tee shirts, and so on.

But the best type of underscrubs, and the ones you should consider investing in, are made of high quality performance fabrics and are cut to fit close to the body without obstructing movement. This close fitting quality is what makes them optimal to wear underneath a scrubs top, while performance fabrics are usually designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool and dry during even the most high-pressure situations.

Why buy an underscrub shirt?

Considering that you can just wear a plain old tee shirt under your scrubs, why would you ever consider spending money on a shirt just because it’s marketed as an “underscrub”?

Well, the fact is that not all undershirts are created equal. In this case, it’s more than a marketing gimmick because as mentioned above, these shirts are designed specifically to give you full range of movement and still look flattering when they peek out from under your scrubs.

Furthermore, shirts designed as underscrubs should be made with the same kinds of performance fabrics as you see with athletic wear. This will extend the life of your garment, and it really gives the shirt a purpose past just giving you coverage. A regular cotton tee will quickly absorb moisture from sweat in one place and give you sweat stains, as well as being uncomfortably damp in patches, while an underscrub shirt won’t have this problem.

An underscrub shirt is also designed to transition comfortably from the cold hallways of the hospital to a warm day outside with making you heat up, and vise versa. They’re simply more versatile and serve many more purposes than just keeping you covered, they really do keep you more comfortable in many ways throughout your day.

The best part of underscrub shirts is that they are incredibly versatile! This isn’t a piece of clothing that you can only ever wear while you’re working – on the contrary, since they’re made with performance fabrics in an ergonomic design, you can also wear them while working out, running errands, or doing chores – it’s an addition to your entire wardrobe!

Worst Colors and Fabrics to Wear in Summer Heat

Today in southern California, temperatures today reached 107 degrees Fahrenheit. On these sweltering summer afternoons, all you want to do is change into shorts or a sundress, and kick back with a frosty beverage in the shade.

But if you’re dressing for summer, there are a few fabrics and colors you might want to steer clear of in order to avoided the dreaded sweat stains that come along with higher temperatures and summer activities. Here are the clothes you should avoid until the fall months begin:

  1. The color grey and green
    These colors are just asking for you to sweat so that they can turn a darker shade! Think of any color of fabric that turns significantly darker when it gets wet – you’ll want to avoid these or else you might find yourself walking around with embarrassing dark semi-circles under your armpits all day.
  2. Silk fabrics or anything that needs dry cleaning
    Unless you are set in stone for a garment for an event, you’re going to rack up your dry cleaning charges pretty quickly if you wear dry clean only clothes during the summer. Most people wait until after a few wears to send these clothes to the dry cleaner, but during summer months you will want to wash your clothes after just about every single wear. Your excess sweat gets trapped in the fibers of your clothes, and this mixes with bacteria to create a body odor scent that you can’t get rid of!

What you should be wearing in summer is light, breathable fabrics that come in eggshell tones or patterns to as to avoid sweat stains that will ruin your whole outfit. When comfort is your goal, stick to performance apparel like Lulu Lemon or this Core One Tee – these wick away moisture the most efficiently, so that you don’t need to sweat about your sweat stains.

odor workout clothes

Here’s Why Your Workout Clothes Stink

The latest generation of athletic performance fabrics have been a godsend for many fitness buffs, as the moisture wicking fabric and flattering athleisure designs have made it possible for the modern professional to easily go from the gym, to the grocery store, or any other type of errands. Gone are the days of needing to go home and change out of your damp, sweaty clothes before daring to be seen in public – these high-tech fabrics are able to wick away moisture and sweat so effectively that most people can transition easily from fitness to real life while wearing the same clothes you do to workout.

However, this technological feature which saves so much time for users may also be the culprit to blame for stinky clothes that permeate through your laundry basket. The problem is this: when you work out in performance fabric gym clothes, the fact that your clothes feel dry almost immediately thereafter can easily lead to the mistaken assumption that the garment is cleaner than any other apparel you would wear to work out in.

When your clothes feel dry, the sweat, germs, and bacteria can easily accumulate without you noticing. Because these performance fabrics feel dry, many people interpret that as being clean – which is not the case until you actually wash the clothes. Many people want to wear their favorite yoga pants on Tuesday, and again on Thursday; since the clothes seem to be clean they are used multiple times between washes. Unfortunately, once you actually throw these athleisure garments in your hamper, they might be so inundated with sweat and dirt that the smell permeates your entire laundry hamper.

The takeaway? Launder your workout clothes (without fabric softener!) after every gym session or spinning class in order to increase the longevity of your garments and prevent them from stinking up the rest of your hamper.

Fabric Softener Performance Fabric

Why You Shouldn’t Use Fabric Softener On Your Performance Garments

Fabric softeners primarily come in two forms: liquid, or dryer sheets. Softeners are very popular to use when washing your clothes, eliminating static, softening fabric fibers, and even adding a lovely floral scent. However, you’ll definitely want to think twice before using fabric softener with your athletic clothes, lab coat, scrubs, or other performance fabrics.

When it comes to these performance fabrics, the fabric softener actually does more damage than good. Performance fabrics are made with technological features built in, such as moisture wicking or stain resistant – the problem with fabric softener is that it leaves a coating on the fibers of the fabric, so over time those technological features will fade.

This all has to do with the process by which fabric softener actually softens your clothes and linens. Fabric softener releases a sort of waxy substance onto your clothing – this is how it softens and prevents static cling. However, this is what makes your performance fabrics, well, not perform so well after you wash them with fabric softener. The difference may not be noticeable after the first wash, but it will build up over time.

The same principle applies to washing your towels or any micro-fiber fabrics. As a matter of fact, it is recommended in general that you not use heat to dry micro-fiber as it does a lot of damage to the fibers, making them lose all their moisture-wicking properties.

The moral of the story? Don’t use fabric softener with any fabric that has technological features!

Wearable Smart Clothing

Why The Next Generation Of Wearables Should Be Your Clothing

Think about the most popular wearables that you know – chances are, you’re thinking of fitness wearables like the FitBit or the Apple watch. The most common wearables of today seem to have found their common real estate on the wrist, which has been pretty effective while staying discreet for the wearer.

But is there a better option?

I don’t have a FitBit or Apple watch, but I forget to put on my regular watch in the morning about 50% of the time. It’s an optional accessory, making it easy to overlook if I’m in a rush in the morning while getting ready. If my watch was a wearable fitness tracker, I might be better about remembering to put it on, but I also might just get annoyed enough times that I just stop wearing it altogether. Probably the latter.

According to digitaltrends.com, “big-name companies like Samsung, GoogleOMSignal, Hexo Skin, and Under Armour have begun thinking about ways to make the clothes on your back as smart as the phone in your pocket.”

This is a really exciting development – think about it, you might forget to pack your FitBit in your gym bag to track your daily run, but you can’t run naked so there’s no way you would forget a wearable that has been integrated into the clothing you wear. This kind of technology could be even more accurate than the current types of wearables, because clothing covers a larger surface area of your skin.

Smart clothing would also be far less conspicuous than the clunky wrist wearables, even though newest generations of these have managed to get sleeker and sleeker. I don’t know about you, but I think it would be awesome to have a workout top that can give me a detailed analysis of my workout without needing to remember another wearable device!

Top Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands For Professionals

In honor of Earth Day, today we will be sharing some of the best companies for eco-friendly clothing. After all, one person can make a huge difference just by making conscientious decisions in their behavior to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Below are our top brands that make their clothing with eco-friendly practices:

For your activewear…

Patagonia was a pioneer in the activewear industry for using organic cotton and recycled materials to produce their clothes. They are also committed to labor ethics, as they only work with Fair Trade Certified factories for their products.


For your casual weekend style…

Shift To Nature is an apparel company that produces high-quality, luxurious basics made with certified organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and other sustainable textiles. Shop without guilt for leggings, shift dresses, and basic tees.

Eco Friendly Tee

For your lingerie…

Naja is a luxury lingerie brand whose collections include undergarments that are hand-sewn by single mothers in Colombia through their Underwear for Hope initiative. The brand’s innovation is impressive, as their line of eco-friendly bras are crafted with fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

Naja Eco Friendly Bustier

For your medical uniforms…

Medelita lab coats are made with a proprietary M3 fabric that is loaded with technological performance features to keep you comfortable, stain-free, and professional looking. This lab coat fabric is environmentally friendly, as it has C6-based sustainable PFOA-free repellence protection.

Medelita Lab Coats

For your luxe footwear…

Colico specializes in creating high quality, luxury shoes and sandals. They source their leathers and materials from small vendors who are local to their family-run factory in Mallorca, Spain. Cork and wood accents in their footwear are always made from recycled materials.

Colico Eco Friendly Shoes


How To Care For Your Athleisure Clothing

Athleisure, a trend popular among working professionals, refers to wearing high-quality, fashionable athletic wear outside of the gym. Many of these garments are made with performance fabrics, but if you don’t take care of them properly this fabric can break down over time.

To extend the life of your performance athletic wear, such as the Medelita Core One Tee, you must treat it a little differently than your regular laundry. Make sure to follow the instructions of the specific brand, but here are some general guidelines:

  1. Pre-treat stains prior to laundering
  2. Many performance fabrics need to be washed in cold water, but Medelita’s tees are recommended to be washed in warm water.
  3. Use non-chlorine bleach and do not use any fabric softener! These contain chemicals that can strip your garments’ fabric of their technological features.
  4. Lay flat to dry, or tumble dry on delicate mode.
  5. Do not iron. Most athleisure clothes are naturally wrinkle-resistant.
Medelita Core One Underscrub Tee

Medelita Core One Underscrub Tee

Next-Level Athleisure: Medelita’s Core One Performance Fabric

The Athleisure trend started to hit the runways several seasons ago – and one thing is for sure, it’s not going anywhere for a while. Louis Vuitton is selling athleisure. So are Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Tory Burch and H&M. Gyms and workout companies, like SoulCycle, are creating clothing lines.

With top brands from all ends of the fashion spectrum on top of this trending style commodity, athleisure is now a nearly $100 billion market. But the new athletic-leisure style is more than a trend: it’s about function, comfort and versatility. Medelita offers a new technological approach to athleisure design and fabric, further distinguishing their brand and customer satisfaction with  Core One Performance. After all clinicians want athleisure too!

Medelita believes “It’s what’s underneath that matters most”. Studies have proven that what you wear to work actually does affect your work performance. Medelita’s fabric is perfect for keeping you comfortable through even the longest shifts, since its extreme high performance design and technological fabric features will keep you dry, cool, fresh and comfortable without weighing you down.

Core One Performance Features

  • Moisture wicking
  • Fast drying
  • Permanent performance won’t wash out
  • Odor control
  • Superior comfort
  • Premium quality

Medelita integrated 4-WAY STRETCH technology which offers an unparalleled contoured for comfort fit. Their Core One Performance fabric is unlike any other active leisure fabric available in that it’s an extremely lightweight fabric that is as soft as it is durable, making it the perfect ingredient for the active lifestyle of the healthcare providers.

Their exclusive high performance fabric is a second layer of skin for any occasion. Core One Performance is meant to be lived in, it’s perfect under scrubs or simply on its own in any active or leisure setting.

Their signature design is built to last. Unlike every other tee in your closet, which falls apart over time, Core One products retain their shape and have been rigorously tested to stand up to repeated washes and abuse.

Core One is a complete solution for LIFE + WORK… Just what the doctor ordered!

Learn more about Medelita’s Core One Performance fabric features by visiting their website and click around… Something is sure to catch your eye!

Athleisure On The Runway

If you haven’t heard about the new athleisure trend, prepare to meet your new favorite trend. This trend is all about comfort and functionality, so you can live your life in the same clothes you use to work out – but in style.

Stylish sportswear hit the runways for the first time in 2014, but in 2016 we predict that the trend will grow even bigger since it fits well into a busy, active lifestyle. In other words, this is a trend made for busy, on-the-go professionals, rather than a trend that you must change to adopt.

Check out some of these pictures of the athleisure trend on haute couture runways:

Activewear on the Rebecca Minkoff runway

Activewear on the Rebecca Minkoff runway

Alexander Wang x H&M

Alexander Wang x H&M

2(X)IST Men's Spring/Summer 2015

2(X)IST Men’s Spring/Summer 2015