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Why Low Maintenance Scrubs Are The Way To Go

Let me get one thing straight: scrubs should be cleaned after every use, because it is true that they carry bacteria – as does every other piece of clothing that you own. But since scrubs are worn in a clinical setting, you should be washing them after every use. Scrubs definitely aren’t the type of clothing that you can get away with wearing a few times in between washes.

But some scrubs are more low maintenance than others, by which I mean they are less likely to get stained and that they don’t wrinkle. Let’s face it, scrubs made of 100% cotton are just more likely to wrinkle during the day or even before you put them on, if they’ve been washed but left unfolded.

It’s also worth the trouble of paying a bit extra for scrubs made of fabric that doesn’t stain, or that releases stains easily in the wash, because this extends the life of your scrubs and actually ends up costing you less in the long run. If you buy a cheap set of scrubs and the stains won’t come out in the wash, you have to buy an entirely new set of scrubs!

For those who wear scrubs to work every day, investing in a scrubs set that is comfortable and low maintenance is a no-brainer. You’ll end up saving money and feel more confident throughout the day, as opposed to being worried about wrinkles every time you stand up. Low maintenance scrubs are the way to go!


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