Blue Scrubs

Blue scrubs or blue navy color or baltic scrubs as they are called at Medelita are one of the most popular colors. Medelita is offering men’s and women’s blue scrub tops and blue scrub pants.  Forget the unisex, boxy scrubs. Cheap scrubs cost a lot more in the long run. Read here about advantages of new performance fabrics used in professional scrubs today. There are fantastic materials that are super comfortable, wick away moisture, odor free, bacteriostatic, etc.

Reviews of the Blue Scrubs:

  • “I love the material, this is the best quality dark blue scrub top that I have found. The top does have a more feminine fit and in comparison to some of the other brands/styles out there, it is very pretty and stylish.” Ellen, RN
  • “I have just received my clinician scrubs and the fit is just great. I’m a clinical pharmacist and my department just changed their uniform color from navy blue to khaki but I’m still keeping my new Medelita scrubs anyway since they fit so well. They are really worth the money.” Lourdes, Pharmacist.


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