Veterinary Lab Coats

Veterinary Lab Coats

Any veterinarian knows that keeping their lab coats clean and stain free often becomes an impossible task. After all working with animals is a challenge on a whole different level and one would expect many unforeseen circumstances and accidents that would put a veterinarian lab coat in jeopardy. Thankfully, there are lab coat manufacturers that utilize latest technological advancements in the manufacturing process to make caring about lab coat so much easier. Example: Medelita (, a company that sells veterinarian lab coats with Advance Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector – a repel and release nanotechnology that keeps your lab coat clean, bright and white. It’s amazing to see blood, urine, and other organic fluids to just “roll off”  the fabric without leaving a trace or a stain. To read more about the fabric and technology, click here:

Reviews of Medelita Veterinarian lab coats:

  • “Others are impressed by the look and feel. Looks more like a suit coat or blazer than other white coats. Nice styling with re-inforced seams and pockets. And resisting stains is a plus.” – Brian, Veterinarian.
  • Stains like ink and make up wash off great. My first Medelita lab coat was washed at the end of each work week and lasted 2 years!! Great value and style. Plus it comes in 00 which is impossible to find in conventional medical uniform suppliers. – Mila, PA

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