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Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Slim Fitted Lab Coat

Lab coats that actually exude professional style are all the rage right now in the workplace, as physicians and other medical professionals are catching on to the idea that they don’t need to accept the baggy, poor quality coats of the past as their only option.

Here’s our top reasons why you should take the plunge and ditch your shoddy old lab coat for a high-performance one that actually fits and makes you look like a professional, rather than someone who is dressing up as a doctor for Halloween.

  1. Well, we just said it…a slim fitted lab coat makes you look professional, instead of like a Halloween dressed up costume.
  2. Slim fitted lab coats are tailor made to actually fit like a blazer or nice suit jacket.
  3. In many cases, slim fitted lab coats are actually designed ergonomically – which means that you still have a full range of movement in raising your arms or moving about freely in general.
  4. If a lab coat is slim fitted, it’s probably high quality – meaning it is likely to last longer and have small design details that make all the difference in durability and professional style.
  5. Slim fitted lab coats have sleeves that are easier to fold up your wrist.
  6. Because of the modern, European inspired design, slim fitted lab coats are made to fit and flatter any body type – from curvy or petite, to broad shouldered or narrow build.
  7. Without sacrificing functionality, slim fit lab coats usually still have convenient roomy pockets – they’re just more discreetly designed instead of gaping open.
  8. There are many options of lapels and styles for slim fit lab coats, based on your body type and personal preference or style.
  9. Slim fit lab coats give you a more professional look, which subconsciously conveys a sense of skillfulness and inspires more trust and respect from your patients and peers.
  10. It’s been proven that people perform better in general when they are confident in their appearance and feel more poised – just think back to a time when you had to give a public presentation while you were having a bad hair day, and you’ll know this to be true.


High quality lab coats are distinguished by a professional appearance.

High quality lab coats are distinguished by a professional appearance.

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