What Is The Value Of Your Lab Coats And Scrubs?

The truth is that low-cost lab coats and scrubs actually end up costing the wearer more, not less. Yet sadly most medical professionals have resigned themselves to a life sentence of cheap, ill-fitting “unisex” lab coats and scrubs — certainly not clothing they would choose to buy, given their druthers. If they have a choice between cheap scrubs or new set of pajamas — pajamas win, hands down.

So why, in this age of medical and scientific progress, do smart professionals have such low standards for their own comfort and appearance? When it comes to defining the market for lab coats and scrubs, the major health-care uniform manufacturers have set the bar lower, rather than higher, by competing not on meaningful innovation, but on price. In their pursuit of lowering manufacturing costs, most medical uniform companies have found ways to minimize the expense of virtually every element of the garment.

From the fabric, design, sizing, and even stitching, this priority to drive down costs has resulted in low prices – achieved at the expense of comfort, fit, and fashion. Garments are boxy and shapeless. Waistlines are too big and necklines too low. Fabrics fade. Seams tear. Stains set in. Those in medicine and dentistry have had no choice but to accept this lowered standard as the professional status quo, price has defined the market, and continues to influence the selection of medical uniforms.

Ironically, those who purchase uniforms — physicians, physician assistants, dentists, and nurse practitioners, to name a few — have incomes that support spending more for quality medical uniforms. So how does one change old perceptions that rely on price instead of embracing true value?

In the last year, the paradigm has begun to shift and new alternatives have emerged that challenge the idea of low price as the sole determining factor. Medelita founder, Lara Francisco PA-C, maintains the overall design of traditional scrubs and lab coats, modernized with performance fabrics and tailored, yet professional styling. The company’s lab coats and scrubs utilize technologically advanced M3 performance fabric and are designed to bring true value to the wearer.

As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. In addition to being wearable, a garment must convey excellence and professionalism, and by that, we mean good workmanship and a crisp, polished appearance.

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