Not Sure Your Lab Coat Size? Not A Problem!

Most lab coats in the medical apparel industry come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and XL. Medelita has bucked this trend, opting for sizing that is more tailored and comparable to a nice blazer or suit jacket.

Men’s sizes come in blazer sizes – 36,38, 40, 42, etc, while women’s sizes are available in the standard dress size. This improved sizing means your lab coat will fit exceptionally well, but sometimes it can be confusing to be sure of what size you are.

To solve this problem, Medelita developed their at-home try-on program. With this easy solution, customers can simply choose a couple different sizes and styles of lab coat, try them on in the convenience of their own home, and send back the garments they don’t want free of charge!

Here are the four key benefits to a try-on program such as this:

  1. Convenience – you don’t even have to leave your house to try on your lab coats and you can print your return shipping labels free of charge from your Medelita account.
  2. No fees – shipping is paid for both ways on orders over $100 within the United State.
  3. Risk-free – if you don’t know your size, you can try on different options before committing to custom embroidery on a lab coat that could possibly be the wrong size.
  4. Easy to use – everything you need to use the Medelita at home try-on program is easily accessible through your online account!

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