Lab Coat Feature: Medelita E. Wilson Slim Fit

The J. Hunter lab coat from medical apparel company Medelita is perfect for the male physician who wants to appear professional, but still stand out as being noticeably well-dressed. The design details on this coat are impeccable and fashion forward, yet truly functional and comfortable.

Slim Fit

This lab coat is ergonomically designed to allow easy movement while still being flattering for the wearer. The slim fit resembles European blazer styles, giving it the look of a fine suit.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.34.36 PM

Notched Lapels

The drape of the E. Wilson neckline sits comfortably on your shoulders and gives you a large range of motion. The notched lapels are stylish and high up on the lapel, creating an elongated frame.

Double Back Vents

Since the E. Wilson lab coat falls to the knees, the side-by-side double back vents allows you to walk with ease instead of having the lab coat fabric flapping around your legs.


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