How To Make Your Lab Coat The Most Exciting Part Of Your Day

For many doctors, their lab coat is probably the least exciting part of their wardrobe choices. That’s because for a long time, there weren’t really any choices at all! You simply had to accept the options that were available to you, and try to find a lab coat that wasn’t gapingly large. This generation of lab coats were gender-neutral, so the fit was more or less that of a smock – the kind that your kindergartner wears while finger painting.

Today there are so many more options available to make your lab coat an exciting part of your morning routine instead of a dreaded one! This new collection of lab coats was pioneered by medical uniform company Medelita, who was the first to introduce a lab coat made specifically to fit a woman. Now the company offers multiple styles of lab coats for both men and women, so that you don’t have to settle for a drab, dingy coat.

What makes these lab coats special is the way they fit. Since there are multiple styles available, doctors are able to browse and find a lab coat that is suitable and flattering for their body type, whether that be athletic, hourglass, tall and lanky, curvy or petite. The options abound

Doctors who wear Medelita coats have found that their lab coat fits like a tailored blazer or suit jacket – a far cry better than the smock style options of days past.

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