Custom Embroidery

3 Ways To Personalize Your Medical Uniform

  1. Custom embroidery
    Whether intended as a gift for someone else, or an investment for your own professional appearance, it makes sense to invest a little in your new white lab coat in order to ensure that you don’t blend into the background in a sea of white coats. Personalized embroidery can be as simple as your name and title, or as distinctive as a custom digitized and embroidered logo that truly makes you stand out.
  2. Lab coat styling
    The style of your lab coat also is a way to declare your personal style. In the past, there haven’t been many options of lab coat styles – they were pretty standard, unisex, shapeless white coats. Today, there are many more options of lab coats so that you can choose a style that speaks to you, or that is flattering to your body type. The possibilities are endless!
  3. Accessories
    This will depend on your specialty and the rules of where you work, but accessorizing is a great way to jazz up an otherwise boring medical ensemble. Express yourself with a classic or kooky watch, experiment with funky cufflinks, and try out different types of earrings to see what best frames your face. You can also add some individuality with hair accessories, such as headbands and barrettes.

You tell us: what’s your favorite way to individualize your lab coat style?

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