What makes ERKA stethoscopes different than Littmann? Our customers ask us this all the time and we’re here to break it down for you. 👩🏻‍⚕️📚💉🔬 • • • • • All three ERKA models correspond to a specific Littmann model: Classic III, Cardiology IV, and Master Cardiology; but the ERKA versions are at a more affordable price point depending on the model. In terms of quality, ERKA stethoscopes are made with chrome-polished brass which is actually less porous and therefore less prone to carrying bacteria than the stainless steel finish used by Littmann. Additionally, ERKA stethoscope chest-pieces are hermetically sealed on the interior with a rubber lip added for comfort, which makes them more durable than Littmann chest-pieces which are sealed only by the rubber lip and will be unable to transmit high quality sound once that falls off. Not to mention the ERKA stethoscopes all come with a 5 year warranty and sleek little carrying case so you can keep your scope safe when you’re not using it! #stethoscope #erka #Medelita 📸 by @studentnursejennifer

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