Doctors Uniforms and Other Professionals

How Do Doctors’ Uniforms Stack Up To Other Professions?

What someone wears says a lot about them as a person. And dress code attire at work certainly says a lot about a person’s job. Whether you have the ability to create your own business wardrobe, or whether you have a strict uniform you adhered to each day, dressing for success is important for any professional, despite their field of work.

Lawyer: Conservative and business professional. It’s business suits and ties all around for this profession. As a job where the majority of one’s time is usually spent in an office and-or in a courtroom, it’s important to always look the part, to always dress to impress. Even your best pair of expensive jeans are a no-go in this environment. Clients aren’t going to trust their legal issues with just anyone, afterall.

Engineer: Business casual. This is a career that requires employees to look professional, but also be comfortable and safe, depending on the specific job. Khakis, skirts, blouses and polos are all acceptable attire for most engineering firms. However those who work in more physically demanding areas, such as at power plants or construction sites may be found wearing jeans, as well as mandatory safety helmets and even steel-toed boots.

Accountant: Smart; business casual. It is important for accountants to look ‘smart,’ both fashionably and in terms of their job skills. Unless you’re meeting with a big-name client, dressing head to toe in formal business wear is usually not necessary. However, dressing down in khakis and a polo shirt is probably not the best choice either. Try finding a good fit somewhere in between. Dress pants, skirts, button-down shirts and blouses, along with semi-formal footwear, are great choices for a comfortable look with a sleek, professional edge.

Physician: Functional; business professional. Although ties, dress shoes, and business skirts are usually not an option, it’s important for medical professionals set a certain dress code precedence above your standard of cheap scrubs and ill-fitting lab coat. A physician’s clothing should be “an emblem of their specialty, training and culture.” A physician’s attire should be first and foremost functional, in the way that scrubs are safe around medical equipment, protect from stains and infection, and easy to work in. However, as someone who patients  entrust their health and safety, potentially their lives, it is important to look the part of someone qualified to take on that responsibility. Surveys have shown that in terms of patient satisfaction and trust, it pays off to invest in a good-quality, formal white lab coat.

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