Belted Lab Coats For Stylish Female Physicians

Say good-bye to frumpy, boxy, unisex lab coats made of 1-ply polyester. You’ve worked too hard, for too many years, to accept the subpar quality and fit of medical uniforms. Businesswomen get to wear fitted skirt suits or pants suits to work, yet medical professionals are forced to wear what is essentially, a glorified smock.

Instead, choose a lab coat that emphasizes your feminine shape. The Emma W. lab coat from Medelita was designed specifically for women working in the medical field. It features a shawl collar, which is very unique for a woman’s lab coat, but the best feature if the back belt that creates a graceful silhouette. The back belt on this lab coat is a visually pleasing detail that draws the eye to the waist, which is the narrowest part of your body.

Back Belt Lab Coat For Women

The back belt creates a graceful hourglass shape.

You might be thinking that an hourglass shape is not professional for the workplace, but in this case it is. The belt on this lab coat isn’t flashy or tacky or tasteless – it’s very refined, and the shaping is subtle, but oh-so-elegant. This is simply a lab coat that fits you well, because it was made to flow beautifully over the curves of real women, out there working every day, and give you the ability to do that work with confidence.

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