“No I don’t drive a fancy Benz, nor Lexus, nor Porsche, nor BMW. Hubby and I actually don’t even own a car. He bikes to work 🚴 and I take the public bus 🚌 to work. I commute along side nurses, school teachers, high school students, custodians, single mothers and fathers etc . I am never to proud to catch a public bus with my bag 💼 containing books 📚, pager and ERKA stethoscope (from @medelita_gram )on one shoulder, my lunch bag full of fruits and veggies and water on one hand, and my favorite Medelita customized white coat on the other hand. My hope is that young school children riding the bus with me will be inspired to see a young professional wearing the same MELANIN that they too have been blessed (not cursed) with; and would thus continue to pursue their own professional dreams . I ride the public bus 🚌 to work everyday (through rain ☔️, snow ❄️ and sunshine ☀️) as a public service to young minority children. To inspire them.” — @imperfectly.me.dr.jay #repost #MinorityWomanInMedicine #WhatADoctorLooksLike #BlackGirlMajic #DoctorLife #ResidentLife #MotivationaSpeaker #RoleModel #PublicService #6monthspregnant #Pregnant #MommyToBe #MaternityStyle #BumpStyle #Medelita #MedelitaHipAmbassador #HappyMonday

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