Meditation is a quick and easy wellness technique that can reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure, in addition to numerous mental health benefits. Here are some tips to help focus your mind with meditation: 1. If you are a beginner, start practicing meditation for just two minutes a day for a week. 2. Count your breaths to remained focused on the moment. 3. If your mind starts to wander, redirect your thoughts back to your breath. 4. Don’t get angry with yourself if you have trouble focusing. Acceptance is a core tenet of meditation, so peacefully accept that your thoughts will sometimes wander. 5. Do a full body scan to get in tune with the sensations and feelings that you are experiencing at the moment. 6. Finish your meditation with a smile and be grateful for this time that you took for your own mental health. #health #healthyliving #wellness #wellnesstips #meditate #meditation #workhard

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