What’s The Ideal Fit For Women’s Scrub Pants?

Like all medical uniforms, scrubs serve a specific purpose. Not only do they differentiate medical staff for patients to easily recognize them, but scrubs must be functional enough to hold up in a fast-paced, high-stress work environment.

That being said, the perfect scrubs pants should indeed be functional, but it should also be flattering. Women in medicine have been subjected to enough boxy, unisex scrubs that make them look like they’re wearing pajamas. What is the solution for the perfect fit?

Most women don’t want their pants to be too form-fitting, but not too loose either. An ideal fit for most women is scrubs pants that are fitted at the hips and butt, and then tapered down the rest of the leg.

As for length, longer is usually better – you can always roll up the cuff of your pants but if your scrubs are too short to cover your ankle, you run the risk of spilling dangerous chemicals on yourself. Pants should cover the top of the shoes and the ankle entirely.

Scrubs pants should be professional while still showing that the person wearing them is a woman. Gone are the days of boxy scrubs that resemble glorified pajamas. Today, there are a number of options for you to shop for cute and flattering scrubs!

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