Huge shoutout to @thatpagirl who just became an official PA-C! Congratulations on taking this huge step in your medical career 👏👏👏 we can’t wait to witness the amazing things that you will accomplish! #repost ・・・ It gives me a lot of happiness to announce… I PASSED THE PANCE! 🎈🎉 I finally get to wear this coat and it’s real! It’s earned, and I’m officially a PA-C! It couldn’t feel any better! . . What better way to start my new career then with a brand new embroidered whitecoat. This is the @medelita_gram Ellody Petite fit labcoat and it fits like a glove! The quality is unmatched, and how awesome is it that @medelita_gram was founded by a PA! We rock! Here’s to a long, happy career with @medelita_gram by my side helping me look and feel great. 💊🔬💉 #elevateyourappearance #medelitahipambassador #pa #PhysicianAssistant #pastudent #paschool #palife #palove #instamed #medlife #whitecoat

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