👏👏👏 #Repost @doctorbobbymd ・・・ As many of you may already know, I’m Persian. My parents are both Iranian immigrants. My sister and I are both first generation Americans… and we are both physicians. Our family, like many other families around the country, are direct affected by Trump’s illegal and unconstitutional actions. • To all of my fellow immigrants or offspring of immigrants, keep your head held high, work hard, and keep chasing you dreams! For those of you who don’t fall into that category, I know you have friends who do. Stand with them! Let them know you support them and their families. It has meant more to me than many of you know to receive texts and messages from all of my friends around the world. • Keep fighting the good fight ✌🏼❤️🗽🌎 • • • • • #notmypresident #immigrant #doctor #iranian #american #texan #peaceandlove #resident #dermatology #medschool #medschoollife #premedlife

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