Worst Colors and Fabrics to Wear in Summer Heat

Today in southern California, temperatures today reached 107 degrees Fahrenheit. On these sweltering summer afternoons, all you want to do is change into shorts or a sundress, and kick back with a frosty beverage in the shade.

But if you’re dressing for summer, there are a few fabrics and colors you might want to steer clear of in order to avoided the dreaded sweat stains that come along with higher temperatures and summer activities. Here are the clothes you should avoid until the fall months begin:

  1. The color grey and green
    These colors are just asking for you to sweat so that they can turn a darker shade! Think of any color of fabric that turns significantly darker when it gets wet – you’ll want to avoid these or else you might find yourself walking around with embarrassing dark semi-circles under your armpits all day.
  2. Silk fabrics or anything that needs dry cleaning
    Unless you are set in stone for a garment for an event, you’re going to rack up your dry cleaning charges pretty quickly if you wear dry clean only clothes during the summer. Most people wait until after a few wears to send these clothes to the dry cleaner, but during summer months you will want to wash your clothes after just about every single wear. Your excess sweat gets trapped in the fibers of your clothes, and this mixes with bacteria to create a body odor scent that you can’t get rid of!

What you should be wearing in summer is light, breathable fabrics that come in eggshell tones or patterns to as to avoid sweat stains that will ruin your whole outfit. When comfort is your goal, stick to performance apparel like Lulu Lemon or this Core One Tee – these wick away moisture the most efficiently, so that you don’t need to sweat about your sweat stains.

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