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Here’s Why Your Workout Clothes Stink

The latest generation of athletic performance fabrics have been a godsend for many fitness buffs, as the moisture wicking fabric and flattering athleisure designs have made it possible for the modern professional to easily go from the gym, to the grocery store, or any other type of errands. Gone are the days of needing to go home and change out of your damp, sweaty clothes before daring to be seen in public – these high-tech fabrics are able to wick away moisture and sweat so effectively that most people can transition easily from fitness to real life while wearing the same clothes you do to workout.

However, this technological feature which saves so much time for users may also be the culprit to blame for stinky clothes that permeate through your laundry basket. The problem is this: when you work out in performance fabric gym clothes, the fact that your clothes feel dry almost immediately thereafter can easily lead to the mistaken assumption that the garment is cleaner than any other apparel you would wear to work out in.

When your clothes feel dry, the sweat, germs, and bacteria can easily accumulate without you noticing. Because these performance fabrics feel dry, many people interpret that as being clean – which is not the case until you actually wash the clothes. Many people want to wear their favorite yoga pants on Tuesday, and again on Thursday; since the clothes seem to be clean they are used multiple times between washes. Unfortunately, once you actually throw these athleisure garments in your hamper, they might be so inundated with sweat and dirt that the smell permeates your entire laundry hamper.

The takeaway? Launder your workout clothes (without fabric softener!) after every gym session or spinning class in order to increase the longevity of your garments and prevent them from stinking up the rest of your hamper.

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