Next-Level Athleisure: Medelita’s Core One Performance Fabric

The Athleisure trend started to hit the runways several seasons ago – and one thing is for sure, it’s not going anywhere for a while. Louis Vuitton is selling athleisure. So are Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Tory Burch and H&M. Gyms and workout companies, like SoulCycle, are creating clothing lines.

With top brands from all ends of the fashion spectrum on top of this trending style commodity, athleisure is now a nearly $100 billion market. But the new athletic-leisure style is more than a trend: it’s about function, comfort and versatility. Medelita offers a new technological approach to athleisure design and fabric, further distinguishing their brand and customer satisfaction with  Core One Performance. After all clinicians want athleisure too!

Medelita believes “It’s what’s underneath that matters most”. Studies have proven that what you wear to work actually does affect your work performance. Medelita’s fabric is perfect for keeping you comfortable through even the longest shifts, since its extreme high performance design and technological fabric features will keep you dry, cool, fresh and comfortable without weighing you down.

Core One Performance Features

  • Moisture wicking
  • Fast drying
  • Permanent performance won’t wash out
  • Odor control
  • Superior comfort
  • Premium quality

Medelita integrated 4-WAY STRETCH technology which offers an unparalleled contoured for comfort fit. Their Core One Performance fabric is unlike any other active leisure fabric available in that it’s an extremely lightweight fabric that is as soft as it is durable, making it the perfect ingredient for the active lifestyle of the healthcare providers.

Their exclusive high performance fabric is a second layer of skin for any occasion. Core One Performance is meant to be lived in, it’s perfect under scrubs or simply on its own in any active or leisure setting.

Their signature design is built to last. Unlike every other tee in your closet, which falls apart over time, Core One products retain their shape and have been rigorously tested to stand up to repeated washes and abuse.

Core One is a complete solution for LIFE + WORK… Just what the doctor ordered!

Learn more about Medelita’s Core One Performance fabric features by visiting their website and click around… Something is sure to catch your eye!

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