Must-Have Accessories For Men Physicians

To keep your look professional, you’ll want accessories that are functional and understated. But don’t be afraid to have fun and try out some of the whimsical accessories on this list as well!

  1. Scrubs Cap
    Moisture-wicking headgear for keeping sweat off your face
  2. Leather Bag
    A professional carrying case to tote everything you need while on the go
  3. Stethoscope Cuff Links
    Novelty cufflinks that are whimsical yet polished
    Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.43.32 AM
  4. Ipad Holder
    A quality tech accessory to keep your tablet safe and sound
  5. Sanita Clogs
    A necessity for anyone on their feet for the majority of the workday
  6. Custom Embroidery
    Nothing says professionalism like having your degree embroidered on your chest with a custom logo
    cannon plastics V2
  7. Classic Watch
    Keep time with a wrist piece that is elegant and understated
    Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.51.52 AM

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