It’s All In The Details: Long Staple Fibers

Have you ever bought an expensive sweater only to have it pill up the first time you wash it? Pilling refers to the small balls of fluff that form when you start to use a garment, and they can quickly make a garment look cheap and tawdry. Good quality clothing is less likely to form pills on the fabric than cheap garments – but why exactly is this the case?

It turns out that the difference is in the length of fibers used to weave and make the fabric. Fibers are categorized into short staple, long staple, and extra long staple fibers, and the type of fibers used to make the fabric in your clothing is the number one determinant of whether your clothing will resist pilling.

Garments made with long-staple fibers offer a perfect compromise between luxury and affordability. When making decisions about your medical apparel based on comfort, be aware that the longer the fiber, the smoother and softer your clothing will be.

For example, Medelita’s M3 fabric is made of long staple polyester fibers that give it an incredibly soft touch. Lab coats made of this fabric will avoid pilling and are going to be the most comfortable available.

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