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Ladies, Here’s The Scrub Top You’ve Been Looking For

Let’s be real: most scrubs look like pajamas. And even more unfortunate, they are almost never as comfortable as a nice set of pjs. Most likely, your scrubs resemble the uniform that prisoners wear, but in a shade of blue or black rather than the infamous orange jumpsuit.

For women working in a medical profession, finding a set of scrubs that gives you the coverage you need is an additional challenge. Since most scrubs are unisex, they tend to be boxy, shapeless, and ill-fitting for a woman’s body: a deep v-neck scrub tops that exposes you every time you bend over, yet isn’t long enough to keep from riding up in the back. When you lift your arms, the sleeves gape open, again exposing you from the side.

Scrubs Top For Women

The good news is that you don’t need to settle for these manly scrub tops anymore. Medelita has designed a scrub top specifically for women, one that is both flattering and functional.

Here are some of the main features of the Medelita Modern Fit Women’s Scrub Top:

  1. Raised neckline so that you aren’t exposed
  2. Darted at the bust so that it fits your shape and curves
  3. Performance fabric that is even softer than cashmere (seriously.)
  4. Reinforced pocket seams that will withstand years of usage
  5. Improved fit so that the top is flattering but still professional
  6. Ergonomic design allowing ideal range of movement
  7. Option to get personalized embroidery

What’s The Ideal Fit For Women’s Scrub Pants?

Like all medical uniforms, scrubs serve a specific purpose. Not only do they differentiate medical staff for patients to easily recognize them, but scrubs must be functional enough to hold up in a fast-paced, high-stress work environment.

That being said, the perfect scrubs pants should indeed be functional, but it should also be flattering. Women in medicine have been subjected to enough boxy, unisex scrubs that make them look like they’re wearing pajamas. What is the solution for the perfect fit?

Most women don’t want their pants to be too form-fitting, but not too loose either. An ideal fit for most women is scrubs pants that are fitted at the hips and butt, and then tapered down the rest of the leg.

As for length, longer is usually better – you can always roll up the cuff of your pants but if your scrubs are too short to cover your ankle, you run the risk of spilling dangerous chemicals on yourself. Pants should cover the top of the shoes and the ankle entirely.

Scrubs pants should be professional while still showing that the person wearing them is a woman. Gone are the days of boxy scrubs that resemble glorified pajamas. Today, there are a number of options for you to shop for cute and flattering scrubs!

Women’s Scrubs

Discover women’s scrubs designed by a physician assistant who wanted to create better fitting, feminine scrubs, comfortable for all day wear. They are called Medelita scrubs and are known for superior fabric quality, flattering cut and precise fit with specific sizing ranging from 00 to size 16.

What makes Medelita (www.medelita.com) women’s scrubs so special is the technology behind the super soft, durable fabric that doesn’t wrinkle, shrink, pill or fade, easy to care for and looks brand new even after numerous washes. If you are looking for doctor scrubs, physician scrubs or dental scrubs, Medelita makes designer scrub tops and nursing scrub pants for medical professionals.

Reviews for Medelita Women’s Scrubs.

  • “These scrubs are extremely comfortable and easy to care for. As a PA-C in orthopaedics, I have to kneel when examining or casting lower extremities. The style is cut for a women’s curves so they move with the body instead of tugging and bunching. It makes me wonder how I was able to tolerate unisex scrubs for so long. They also wash up well after plaster spatters or the occasional bodily fluid or betadine from a procedure. Oil stains vanish when rubbed with a napkin! I think the sizing runs a little large, so if your measurements are on the border line you may want to size down.” – Briana, PA-C
  • “I have just received my clinician scrubs and the fit is just great. I’m a clinical pharmacist and my department just changed their uniform color from navy blue to khaki but I’m still keeping my new Medelita scrubs anyway since they fit so well. They are really worth the money.” – Lourdes, PharmD