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This Lab Coat For Women Is Going To Be Your New Favorite Article Of Clothing

What capes are to superheroes, is what the lab coat is to physicians. You want a white coat that is a reflection of you, that shows your colleagues and patients that you take yourself seriously. It’s more than just a piece of clothing – it’s a symbol of what you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come.

Right now we’re loving the Rosalyn Lab Coat and the Vera G. lab coat, both from scrubs and lab coats company Medelita, as our top picks for modern professional style…in lab coat form!

Rosalyn Slim Fit Women’s Lab Coat

This is a very new style, just released last month, and you can tell just by looking at it that it is finely tailored down to the clean finish neckline. They also added a new feature, bracelet-length sleeves with buttons so you can roll the sleeves up to your elbow, for improved functionality. This is the most fitted women’s lab coat that Medelita makes, but the improved sizing and tailoring keeps in flattering and professional. Check out the Rosalyn Slim Fit Women’s Lab Coat

slim fit lab coat for women roll up sleeves lab coat

Vera G. Slim Fit Women’s Lab Coat

The Vera G. is an old favorite of ours, and it continues to be one of Medelita’s most popular coats. Since its initial release a few years ago they’ve made some upgrades to the style. But the envelope collar of this lab coat is what really made us fall in love, and the little details are what makes all the difference. Check out the Vera G. Slim Fit Women’s Lab Coat

vera slim fit lab coat for women

vera_lab coat_detail2

The Importance Of Female Lab Coats

If you were a female practicing medicine 8 years ago, getting dressed for work was probably not the most exciting task. No matter how greatly your patient workload may have varied, your choices of lab coats would have been very limited. Until recently, the only available lab coat styles were typically unisex and catered primarily toward the functional needs and measurements of men. For women in the medical field, this meant the only option was to wear a lab coat that hung like a smock.

Fast forward to today, when medical apparel companies such as Medelita are finally creating lab coats that fit the needs of the nearly 300,000 female doctors and thousands of women in related scientific fields. Now considerations such as height, body type, and personality are made during the design process. Some lab coats are even made according to specialty, such as a dentist or dental surgeon that needs a wider range of motion in their coat. Flattering silhouettes and new construction details have transformed the workwear wardrobe for women everywhere.

women lab coats